Who is Israel Keyes, the source of inspiration for criminal minds: the main subject of evolution?

As Emily Prentiss of Paget Brewster points out, Elias Voight’s assassination kits resemble those used by the horrifying real-life serial killer Israel Keyes. As seen in this photo on FBI websiteKeys kept his tools in plain orange barrels, not Voight’s black, foam-filled suitcases. According to CBS News, Keyes is believed to have taken 11 lives, presented in crude and grotesque portraits he created during his time in prison. Keyes committed suic*de before all his crimes could be solved.


While Voight’s kits are for his fellow assassins, Keyes’ kits were apparently designed for convenience. According to CBS News, Keys has been burying containers across the country during his travels to be found whenever he feels the urge to kill. Like Voight, Case didn’t have a “victim profile”, apparently picking his targets at random and digging out kits as needed. To this day, the FBI suspects that there are still Keyes kill kits still to be found – they advise citizens not to touch one if they stumble upon it, and instead contact the authorities immediately. Another similarity he shares with Voight and his followers is that he makes extensive use of rental cars to avoid detection.

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