Who is Mia Thornton and what happened to Nicki Minaj?

REAL Potomac Housewives Mia Thornton screamed at Nicki Minaj for dropping her kids when the rapper was giving a present.

Here’s what happened between them …


Mia called out Nicki Minaj in a two-part ranting videoCredit: Instagram / Mia Thornton.

Who is Mia Thornton?

Mia Thornton is an actor in Bravo’s The Real Housewives of the Potomac.

She was born on November 25, 1984 and is known as an entrepreneur, franchise owner and regional developer.

The reality TV star graduated from the Southeast Institute with a degree in neuromuscular massage.

She serves on the board and supports the Charlotte Ronald McDonald families, A Better World, UNCF, Autism Speaks and A Child’s Place.

Who is Mia Thornton’s husband, Gordon?

Gordon Thornton from North Carolina is 69 years old.

Mia has been married to her Gordon since 2012.

The couple currently reside in Maryland in a beautiful penthouse with breathtaking city views.

His net worth is reported to be approximately $ 100 million

The star’s husband began amassing his fortune as the owner of several McDonalds franchises in 1993.

How many children does Mia Thornton have?

The couple share a penthouse in Maryland with their three children.

Joshua is Mia’s son from a previous relationship, Jeremiah and Juliana.

The drama that unfolded between the two stars began when Mia felt that Nicki Minaj was treating her children unfairly.

The RHOP star quickly took to social media to call in Nicky.

What happened between Mia Thornton and Nicki Minaj?

Posts by Dr. Wendy Osefo, Robin Dixon, Ashley Darby and Giselle Bryant, grateful to the rapper for sending Christmas gifts to their children, were posted on social networks.

Mia quickly realized that her children had received nothing.

She decided to post a video on her Instagram account in which she calls on Nicki Minaj due to the fact that her children did not give gifts.

The children of the other actors were presented with Gucci wallets and purses from the luxury designer for Christmas.

Nicki’s decision to buy gifts for the kids most likely stems from the fact that Nicki Minaj orchestrated a reunion for the sixth season of RHOP, but Mia didn’t take the situation lightly.

Mia shared in the video, “My number one goal is to always provide and make sure my kids are happy.

Check out the Gucci bags that Nicki Minaj bought for the kids


Check out the Gucci bags that Nicki Minaj bought for the kidsCredit: Instagram / GizelleBryant.

“If that means I have to go and buy them their own Gucci for Christmas so they feel like they’re on the sidelines, then guess what – we’re going to a Gucci store.”

Nicky politely replied on Twitter in a deleted tweet, “Mia, I followed you on IG, but then your page disappeared. I asked, and no one else knew for sure how to find you and what your real page is. I have receipts, I will gladly send them if you like. I don’t play with children like that. Please, send me [address] Mother.

The RHOP star replied, “Queen. My sincere apologies. ‘

She then shared a screenshot of the exchange on her Instagram, captioning it, “When you know better, do better.” I was wrong,’

Twitter users made fun of the reality star following her apology.

One person tweeted, “Oh, you left and you need to apologize better than THIS. You started the unnecessary drama early and let it last all day with a specific narrative attached to it. Young woman…”

Another person said, “Look how you are next time, little sister!

Since Nicky deleted the tweet that Mia replied, she hasn’t commented on the situation anymore.

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