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NIKI Chapman is a familiar face on television and has appeared on several shows.

The presenter, who is a regular on Escape to the Village and at the Chelsea Flower Show, is also recovering from a benign brain tumor—here’s all you need to know about her.


Nicky Chapman attended the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2019.

Who is Nicky Chapman?

Nicky Chapman is a British TV presenter born January 14, 1967 in Herne Bay, Kent.

She rose to fame as a judge on the reality shows Popstars and Pop Idol.

She also hosted TV shows including Wanted Down Under., “Escape to the Village” and its spin-off “I Fled to the Village” for BBC One.

Nicky is a frequent guest on Channel 4’s Countdown, as well as BBC Radio 2 and Sky News..

She also hosts the Chelsea Flower Show and is a presenter on BBC Radio 2.


When was Nicky Chapman diagnosed with a brain tumor?

In 2019, Nicki was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Doctors told her that the tumor grew from one to three years and she needed surgery.

In May of that year, she underwent surgery to remove a tumor “the size of a golf ball”, but some parts remained.

But during one of her annual check-ups, she received positive news about her condition.

She told the White Wine Question Time podcast: “My wonderful consultant called me and said, ‘Nicky, the tumor is gone. For now, he is gone.”

She added, “I didn’t actually share this with anyone, but back in October I had my annual scan with my amazing consultant.

“He knows that I adore him. I regularly tell him in front of my husband how much I adore him and the National Health Service who has taken care of me and continues to take such good care of me.

And he called me, and I was standing in the field, because now we make appointments by phone, right? We don’t do it face to face. So he called me with my latest scans.

“And I was standing in the field, and the crew of Escape To The Country moved away. They knew that they were calling me, so they moved away and gave me the opportunity to retire.

Prior to her diagnosis, Niki temporarily lost her sight and was unable to speak for some time.

After first talking about her tumor this morning on June 5, 2019, she recalled: “I tried to read the email on my computer, but I couldn’t see it and thought it was strange.

“And because of my age, we often chalk it up to other things like menopause, so I was like, ‘Well, I’m obviously tired, I can’t concentrate.

She continued, “I went on vacation, I felt good, I came back, I did a photo shoot and that day I realized that I couldn’t see again, then I had to do voice acting and I couldn’t speak.

“I went into the office, sat down, the editor was chatting, I looked at him and thought: “I can’t talk to you.” Nothing came out.”

She confessed, “You can’t be positive every day, and for the past few days I’ve been on all fours and sobbing.”

Who is Nicki Chapman Husband Dave Shackleton?

Nicky is married to music producer and vice president of Sony BMG International, Dave Shaki Shackleton.

Dave and Nicky live in Chiswick, London.

He is known in the music industry as “Dave Shaq” and was appointed head of the management company for Iron Maiden Phantom Music in 2013.

Do Nicky and Dave have kids?

No, Nicky Chapman and Dave Shackleton don’t have children.

However, in her spare time, Niki volunteers for the Save the Children charity.

She is also a British Dressage Ambassador and a supporter of the Teenage Cancer Trust, Childline and Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy.

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