Who is O-Block rapper Arroy?

Many famous rappers have emerged from the city of Chicago and ARoy is one of them.

ARoy comes from Chicago’s O-Block which is known as “the most dangerous block in Chicago”.

Arroy, whose real name is Evian D.  Givens was a rapper from Chicago


Arroy, whose real name is Evian D. Givens was a rapper from Chicagocredit: instagram/eroy_varoy

Who is O-Block rapper Arroy?

Arroy, whose real name is Evian D. Givens, was a rapper from Chicago’s O-Block, which is known as a dangerous block in Chicago.

was a member of the rapper lil dirks Crew and record label Only the Family (OTF).

What happened to ARO?

The Chicago PD confirmed to The Sun that a 27-year-old man was shot at the Parkway Gardens low-income development in the 6400 block of South Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Chicago, Illinois.

Aroy died on 13 December


Aroy died on 13 Decembercredit: instagram/eroy_varoy

He then confirmed that The person who died was Aroy.

The man was taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center in critical condition with multiple gunshot wounds after a fight with another man.


Aroy was declared brought dead on arrival.

The fatal shooting took place on 13 December.


The homicide unit is still investigating the murder and has yet to release further details, but the shooter – who fled the scene – is not yet in custody.

However, police confirmed the identity of the victim to The Sun.

A friend of his told The Sun: “Aroy was very polite and witty and the best of friends to us. He was also the most excellent father. His children will miss him dearly. It’s really f**king tough. ,

The friend said that he is the father of a young son and daughter.

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