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CHRISTINE McGuinness was a regular on ITV reality shows and is now set to land Telly for charity on ITV’s Strictly the Real Full Monty.

But what else did the former Miss Liverpool do, and how did she meet him? TV host husband Paddy McGuinness?

    Christine McGuinness is taking off her kit for cancer awareness


Christine McGuinness is taking off her kit for cancer awareness

Who is Christine McGuinness?

Christine Martin Was born in 1988 in Merseyside.

In the beauty pageant world, she won the Miss Commonwealth title in 2007 and Miss Liverpool at the age of 18.

Soon after, she modeled for Liverpool-based boutique Cricket in her bikini at the Liverpool Tennis Tournament.

There he met the TV funny-man and Phoenix Knights star paddy field, 48, and the two have been together ever since.

Along with her modeling work, Christine is a regular on TV and appeared on several seasons of The Real Housewives of Cheshire before departing in 2020.


In December 2021, Christine returned to ITV to appear on Strictly the Real Monty, a charity show that saw stars take off their kit in hopes of reminding people to get tested for potentially life-saving cancer.

How many children does Christine McGuinness have?

Christine and Paddy, 33, have three children.


Twins Leo and Penelope – born in 2013 and Felicity – born in 2016.

After giving birth to Felicity, Christine proudly shed her three-stone weight in three months using social media.

    Christine and Paddy have three children


Christine and Paddy have three children

She also tracked her bid to stay healthy during both pregnancies and periods on Instagram.

Before hitting the gym, she wrote online: “I can’t exercise for at least 6 weeks after my C-section, but I’m in no rush. Recovery is the key.”

On the fourth birthday of Leo and PenelopeChristine reveals the twins were on the autistic spectrum and struggled with social interaction and communication skills.

The devoted mother made the revelation through a poem and reassured them that they were “totally unique and fantastically terrifying”.

Later she and Paddy spoke more openly about the revelation., and Paddy explained: “We went to see a pediatrician and at the end he said quite casually, ‘I’m pretty sure both kids have autism’.”

Christine, who immediately started “for misery” [her] ‘Normal’ kid”, explained: “I was very angry with him.

“How dare she say that about my children, only to see them for a few hours?

“It was the first I ever thought of them autism – Even if, looking back, it was obvious.”

In November, Christine revealed that she has now been diagnosed as well. “High Up” on the Autism Spectrum.

A 2021 documentary – Paddy and Christine McGuinness: Our Family and Autism – Follows the family’s journey to understand the situation more deeply.

When did Christine and Paddy get married?

Christine married Question of Sport host Paddy in 2011 at Thornton Manor in Wirral three years later.

In 2018, Paddy opened up about the difficulties of raising children with autism and said it was a “surprise” that the pair were still together.

he breaks tears during an emotional television interview As they revealed they “can’t do normal things as a couple”.

John Bishop: Speaking on In Conversation With…, Paddy said: “It’s very, very, very, very difficult, you know, it would be very difficult for any parent to have a child with any kind of special needs. Huh.

“Some days it’s surprising how much we’re still together, Christine and I, because you can’t have normal things as a couple.

“I can count on one hand how many times we’ve been together at night, because you can’t have just one babysitter.

“You can’t just say ‘I’ll leave my relatives to take care of them’ ’cause it’s not.

Christine McGuinness Makes Her Debut on The Real Housewives of Cheshire


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