Who is Quentin Tarantino’s wife Danielle Pick?

QUENTIN Tarantino is known worldwide as a superstar filmmaker.

After nearly ten years of being together, the actor married actress Danielle Pick in 2018.


Daniella Pick is an Israeli singer and actress.

Who is Daniella Pick?

Daniella Pick was born in 1983 in Ramat HaSharon, Israel, and is an actress and singer.

Her father is Israeli pop singer Svika Pick, who made a name for himself in the 1970s by performing in a Jewish version of the Broadway show Hair.

It was during the performance that he and his colleagues shocked the audience.

Jerusalem Post reported that during one scene, a young Svika Pick and his castmates “stripped down to their birthday suits, causing an uproar across the country as well as in political circles and leaving an indelible mark on the national consciousness.”

Decades after her father’s historic performance, Peak began her pop career alongside her sister Sharona in the early 2000s.

Their musical collaboration was short-lived after the release of their most popular single, Hello Hello.

They performed this song at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 finishing 11th out of 14.

After their split, Daniella focused on her solo career, releasing popular songs More or Less and Love Me.


When did she start dating Quentin Tarantino?

Pick first met filmmaker Quentin Tarantino in 2009 when he was touring Israel in support of his film Inglourious Basterds.

Their romantic relationship was first spotted at the premiere of Whip It in 2009, but their relationship ended in 2012.

However, Tarantino and Pick reunited in 2016 and got engaged a year later before having an intimate ceremony at their home in Beverly Hills, California in 2018.

See you with Peak US magazine Tarantino was reported to have told GQ that he doesn’t see marriage anytime soon.

“That’s the problem. When I act in films, I don’t do anything else. It’s all about the movie,” he told GQ magazine in 2009.

“I do not have a wife. I don’t have a child. Nothing can stand in my way. The whole world can go to hell and burn. I don’t care. This is my life.”

He continued, “I’m not saying I’ll never get married or have a baby before I’m 60. But so far, I’ve made the choice to walk this path alone. Because this is my time. It’s my time to make films.”

However, after Tarantino and Pick got married in 2018, he revealed Associated Press while promoting his film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood at the Cannes International Film Festival, this Peak is “perfect”.

He further said, “I got married six months ago. … I have never done this before – and now I know why: I was waiting for the perfect girl.”

How many children do Quentin and Daniella have?

The couple announced they were pregnant with their first child in August 2019.

The information was confirmed by a representative E! Newssaying, “Daniella and Quentin Tarantino are very excited to announce that they are expecting a baby.”

Their son Leo was born in Tel Aviv, Israel on February 22, 2020. US magazine it was reported that Tarantino told Jimmy Kimmel that they almost chose a different name.

“We almost didn’t name him that because people would think I named him after Leonardo DiCaprio,” Tarantino said.

“There is nothing wrong with that, but… it is named after my wife’s grandfather, and also because in our hearts he was our little lion. So He is a lion. That’s how we thought of him.”

Tarantino and Pick welcomed their second child in 2022 on July 2, 2022.

The representative said PEOPLE“Daniella and Quentin Tarantino are delighted to announce that Daniella gave birth to a baby girl on July 2, 2022, the little sister of Leo, their first child.”

Their daughter’s name has not yet been released.

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