Who Is The Bull In ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 6? Clues, guesses, and spoilers revealed!

It’s almost time for the season finale masked singer,

The season six finale airs tonight – Wednesday (December 15) on Fox.


There are two finalists competing for the crown tonight – Group A winners Bull and Group B winner Queen of Hearts,

Before his final performance, JustJared.com Here’s a list of all the clues and guesses shared this season to determine the identity behind the finalists. We also shared our guesses about what we think Bull And Queen of Hearts Huh!

the two-hour season finale of masked singer Begins at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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First performance clue:

– In the clue package, Bull reveals that he grew up in “a small, small town surrounded by lots of cows”.


– They say, “The doors I knocked on didn’t even open. I heard ‘no’ over and over again. I didn’t give up and eventually Hollywood and even Forbes noticed it.”

– We see a map with “Cooperstown” – where is the Baseball Hall of Fame.

, Bull One walks to the beach where we see a stuffed animal lion sitting on a rock.

Panel Estimates: Brian Littrell, cisco, dwayne johnson

Second performance clue:

– When he was in school, he marched to the beat of his own drum. He felt safest in the garage, where he kept shows that were “sold out” in his head.

– A photo of the Walt Disney Concert Hall is shown.

– Doing a song that reminds her of her first crush and her first heartbreak. Said “the first one hurts the most” and then performed Rascal Flatt’s “What Hurts the Most”.

There were cheerleaders inside Bull’s locker and he said he had always been a fan of “school spirit”. Nothing can make me more happy than the voice of the crowd.”

panel estimate, Darren Criss, Justin Timberlake, Brandon Flowers, rufus wainwright, kevin jonas, Zac Efron

Third performance clue:

– Says, “My parties are notorious for great music, everyone is dancing”

– We see a flyer for Carnegie Hall in New York City

– Says, “As a kid, I was really a wallflower, but now I’m the life of the party”

– We see some scrubs and a stethoscope

– Brings a wrapped gift with red bells as party favors

Panel Estimates: Donald Glover, Anthony Ramos, Leslie Odom Jr.

Fourth performance indication:

– Says he once left a “steady job to go and live my dreams”

– We see a pile of nails

– see a framed picture of us Hall and Oats

– He wears masks of comedy and tragedy – A possible theater/acting reference?

– Brought an iMac computer from 1998, says the sound will remain “rent-free” in his head

Panel Estimates: Taye Diggs, cheyenne jackson, lil nass x

Fifth performance indication:

– He is a “soloist” artist

– “Too nervous” to appear on a show like this and compete with all the other stars

– their additional clue is a “ring”

– He and the guest judge will.im have a lot in common

panel estimate, billy porter, tutor, Jason Derulo

Group One final performance clue:

– We see a black and white checkered flag

— says, “When I was true to myself my success skyrocketed. And now, I have the opportunity to inspire other people who might think they don’t fit in with the bunch.”

—shown a rainbow mermaid tail hanging in a closet cupboard

, Bull I’ve never been hamilton, but he “performed in the same place where hamilton It had its Broadway debut. ,

Panel Estimates: Jaden Smith, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Adam Lambert, Jeremy Pope

Our guesses: Todrick Hall

masked singer our guess

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