Who is the richest dad of a teenage mom?

In general, we all know most of the OG Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 mothers are sitting on a rather large pile of money and in many cases are probably the breadwinners of the family. Because of this, all eyes were turned away from their little dads, who are still obliged to support their children, regardless of the condition of the women.

However, not in all cases the woman receives the most money. While some of these men have unconventional jobs that aren’t paid much for, some are superstars who make a lot more than their moms. Some have no jobs at all. Here are the richest Teenage mother dads.

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10 Tyler Baltierra – $ 2 million

Despite the fact that Tyler Baltierra seems to have fully invested in Teenage mother, the star has mentioned in the past that he is passionate about writing, and in this regard, he and his wife Kaitlynn Lowell wrote a book called “Defeating Chaos.” Together they own a line of children’s clothing. Lowell and Baltierra have been contemplating a lot lately, and one of them includes, among other things, the renewal of marriage; Thus, we can say that the couple is doing well. Currently, Baltierra has approximately net worth $ 2 million.


9 Cole DeBoer – $ 1.5 million

Cole DeBoer – husband of the ex Teenage mother the cast, Chelsea Huska, and together the couple have four children, including Chelsea with her former Adam Lind. While DeBoer is a traffic management specialist who deals with freing up highways in South Dakota, he is also an entrepreneur and launched his own warehouse line in 2017. In addition, he is also a personal trainer and uses his many social media followers to post advertisements and publicity to make some money on the side. He is currently evaluating net worth $ 1.5 million.

eight Ryan Edwards – $ 1.5 million

It is currently unclear what Mackenzie Edwards’ husband Ryan does for a living. In the past, however, he worked on power lines and became famous for cycling for fun. His time seems to be running out and he has paid him large sums of money in the spotlight since he now has net worth $ 1.5 million.

7 Nathan Griffith – $ 1.5 million

Former Jenelle Evans was pretty special during his prime days in reality TV because it’s not every day we see a part-time underwater model on the show. Griffith is no longer involved in maritime practice these days, as he is now more active in the fitness world and has taken part in several bodybuilding competitions over the years. He has also built a large following on social media and uses them to promote multiple products to earn extra income. The star has a current net worth $ 1.5 million.

6 Corey Simms – $ 1 million

Leah Messer’s ex-husband, Corey Simms, works for a local plumbing company as a local water meter. However, he also has several other business ventures that have helped him accumulate estimated income. net worth 1 million dollars.

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5 Taylor McKinney – $ 1 million

Taylor McKinney and Mackie Buckout dated for a while, and the couple officially tied the knot in 2016. In addition to being a successful motocross racer, McKinney also co-owns a clothing line called Things That Matters. The star seems to be doing pretty well, as he appreciated. net worth 1 million dollars.

4 Joe Rivera – $ 1 million

Kailin Lowry’s dad, Joe Rivera, has been consistently criticized in the past by several individuals, from the media to Dr. Drew Pinski for lack of work. It later became apparent that he was dealing with some personal problems. Now Rivera is actively working in the real estate industry and she is doing well. The star is currently rated as value 1 million dollars.

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3 Adam Lind – $ 1 million

Former Chelsea Husk’s Adam Lind has appeared frequently in the media for many reasons, one of which was his good looks. Lind works not only in front of the cameras, but also as a professional fitness trainer and weightlifter. This earned him several sponsorship deals and added to his current value 1 million dollars.

2 Gary Shirley – $ 600,000

Gary Shirley is the ex-fiancé of Amber Portwood and the couple have one child. Shirley is commonly regarded as an eccentric due to his extensive involvement in several areas of the business. Among them are his line of condoms as well as biscuits. Shirley is currently a police officer and is estimated to be net worth $ 600,000.

one Xavi Marroquin – $ 300,000

Javi Marrokin was a pilot in the United States Air Force, and right before his last command in 2016, he and Kailin Lowry parted ways. Now, although he still works for the US Air Force, he is now serving as a recruiter in their reserve. He also opened a gym called Kill Shot CrossFit, but later turned over the business to a financial partner. The star still makes a decent amount and is estimated to be value $ 300,000.

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