Who is the richest dance mom?

Looking back now, it’s hard to believe that Lifetime’s Dance moms The premiere took place over ten years ago. The documentary series shows what it takes to achieve the highest honor for the national dance title. For most Dance moms Fans, the highlight of the show was the performance of Abby Lee Miller, a passionate and demanding instructor who does not tolerate mediocrity in his studio. While she dealt with dancers on the one hand, she also dealt with their excessive moms on the other … hence the drama.

The show not only showed us the complete resurgence of the dance industry, but also helped map many names to the map. These are the names of not only the stars of the show, but also their mothers. While some of them Dance moms mothers are ordinary townspeople, some have become celebrities with large sums of money in their names. Here are the richest Dance moms mother.

eight Ann Colin’s fortune is $ 4 million

Ann Colin is Hannah Colin’s mother, although the star became an addition to the series much later, she has established herself as a steadfast cast. Ann is a TV presenter and entrepreneur who has owned and run a dance studio for quite some time. Besides dancing, she has also been involved in other business ventures that have enlarged her pockets. Now Ann has a score net worth $ 4 million and looks like he is still working to further develop his brand.

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7 Katie Nesbit-Stein’s fortune is $ 3 million

The star dancer’s mother, Vivi-Anne, Katie is one of Abby Lee’s biggest competitors in the dance industry as she also has her own studio called Candy Apple’s Dance Center in Ohio. Katy had many memorable moments on the show, but one of the highlights was during the third part of the show, when she manually selected dancers for her team, which were mostly boys. Because of this and a few other similar actions she took, most other mothers didn’t like her very much. However, Katie does her job very well and is estimated to net worth $ 3 million.

6 Jill Vertes’ fortune – $ 1.5 million

In the show’s second season, Kendall Vertes’ mother, Jill was considered young blood after she moved into Katy’s studio from Abby Lee’s and then returned. At the time, she was disliked by all other mothers except Melissa Ziegler, and can you blame them? However, in the end, she succeeded. Jill is a successful TV presenter and is estimated to value $ 1.5 million.

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5 Melissa Ziegler’s fortune is $ 1.5 million

Divorced mother of two, Melissa Ziegler, known to other moms as Melissa Gisoni, was violent because, as she proved time and time again, she wouldn’t give up anything until her two daughters, Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, were at the top of the rankings. … chain. Overall, most other moms distrusted Melissa as they thought she was cunning and willing to do anything to see her daughters at the top. How a TV presenter was able to build Empire for $ 1.5 million

4 Christie Lukasiak’s fortune is $ 1 million

Chloe Lukasiak’s mom, Christie Lukasiak’s protective instincts towards her daughter have led to drama on the show on numerous occasions, and fans loved her for it. Chloe’s mom was one of the few people who managed to get under Abby Lee Miller’s skin with her constant arguments, and this was mainly because she believed that Abby was showing favoritism towards Maddie over Chloe. Outside of the show, Christie has become a successful TV presenter and entrepreneur dedicated to helping young women discover their talents. She currently has an approximate net worth 1 million dollars.

3 Holly Fraser’s fortune is $ 1 million

Holly Fraser is not only Nia Fraser’s mother, she is also a highly educated woman, married to Evan Fraser Sr., and the couple have two more sons together. Although she now has a PhD, she and Abby Lee Miller have never been on the same page in the past because the dance instructor felt that she was not very supportive of her daughter Nya. However, Holly has been able to fight less with Abby thanks to her calmness, a dignity that fans admire. Even though she could have skipped a few lessons to get her PhD, it all paid off as it is currently worth $ 1 million.

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2 Kira Girard’s fortune – $ 1 million

Kira Girard is Kalani Hilliker’s mother and together she became a mother and daughter combination. Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition successfully. Kira is also heavily involved in the entertainment industry as she owns a studio where she teaches people the art of dance. Outside of the show, Kira has been up to a lot lately, and one of her latest announcements was her engagement to wealthy real estate tycoon David Newman. Currently, Kira appreciated net worth 1 million dollars.

one Kelly Hyland’s fortune is $ 900,000

A mother of three, Kelly Hyland is probably one of the most supportive moms on the show, and this has become more evident from her constant fights with Abby Lee Miller. While Abby usually yells at others for not spending enough time dancing, Kelly thought she was not spending enough time with Brooke and Paige with her children. At first it was a simple battle in the studio, but later it got more serious and eventually turned into a legal battle. While it is currently unclear how their case ended, if things were dragged out, Kelly would be more than capable of handing them over, especially financially. TV star estimated at $ 900,000.

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