Who is the richest voice actor on The Simpsons?

Animated shows targeting older audiences have long been a popular part of television, and all of these shows act in their own way. Some generate only minimal interest, but as we’ve seen on shows like Family man and South Park, these things can become very successful.

The Simpsons there was a show that really kicked off the rest that followed, and it’s amazing to see it still on air. Voiced legends at the moment, and they all earned their millions. Fans, however, want to know which actor has the highest net worth.


Let’s see who’s upstairs!

The Simpsons is a cult show that continues to this day

The Simpsonswhich has been shown on television since the 1980s, this is one of the greatest shows ever, and we don’t just mean animated games. Overall, there aren’t many shows in history that come close to his legacy, and at this point, few ever will.

The show has had its ups and downs, and of course it may not be the strength it once was, but no one can deny the impact it has had on pop culture. Many animation shows today still owe this series a debt.

When this show finally ceases to exist, there will be an empty void on television. Fortunately, the episodes are available for streaming to ensure that the legacy is preserved.

Since the show has been a success for so long, it goes without saying that all of its top performers have been able to make millions of dollars. Most, however, have no idea how much these voice actors have made.

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The Simpsons voice actors have made millions over the years

You can make money from voice acting, but it can take a while for artists to really start making big bucks. For the cast The SimpsonsIt took them years to start making over $ 100,000 per episode.

In accordance with Hollywood Reporter, “The six main voice actors are settling for $ 100,000 per episode of seasons 13 and 14, rising to $ 125,000 for episode 15. Each also receives a $ 1 million bonus in lieu of future syndication payments. “

Over time, and as the show continued to be successful, that number continued to rise, which helped the actors to skyrocket their net worth.

In 2008, “the actors are demanding a substantial increase in wages, up to $ 500,000 per episode. They eventually agree and sign a deal that pays up to $ 440,000 per episode. As part of the deal, Castellaneta also becomes a screenwriter and consultant producer. on the series “for Hollywood Reporter

Since then, their salaries have dropped, but it’s clear that all of these actors have earned good income from their work on the show.

The money that makes up the main structure. The Simpsons did nothing short of astounding, but by and large only one of them can claim to be at the top of a net worth mountain.

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Hank Azaria has the highest net worth at $ 90 million

With an assessed net worth $ 90 million, actor Hank Azaria The Simpsons the actor with the greatest fortune. In addition to being a mainstay of the series for decades, Azaria has had a rewarding career in Hollywood that has had a profound impact on his wealth and overall success.

Azaria, unlike some of her colleagues from The Simpsons, was a huge hit on the big screen. The actor was able to star in films such as Beauty, Heat, Birdcage, Anastasia, and Mysterious Men, this is just his work from the 90s. His film work slowed down over time, but that did not stop him from landing in Night at the Museum franchises as well The smurfs franchise.

A quick glance at some of Azaria’s colleagues reveals that they are also quite wealthy. Godley Smith is worth $ 85 million, as are Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner and Harry Shearer. Nancy Cartwright is only slightly behind them with a whopping $ 80 million. It’s clear that the voice acting pays off when you play the classics.

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The Simpsons remains one of the most impressive accomplishments in television history, and the show’s cast has been making money for years. Even when the show ends, they’ll keep collecting checks for years, keeping their fortune intact.

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