Who is the rising star of TikTok Tinx?

Christina Najar, also known as TikTok’s Tinx, is the quintessential big sister of the social media platform. Tinks is always ready to give advice that we never knew existed. She helps when it comes to boys, clothes, and even where to eat in Los Angeles. Tinks grew up in London, England and moved to the states when she was accepted at Stanford University. The Los Angeles-based content creator has over 1.5 million subscribers and continues to grow.

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Tinks is so popular because she is interesting, funny and offers valuable content. She is well versed in all things pop culture and even gives valuable dating advice (also known as her Box Theory). The 30-year-old makes fun of herself, and her bio even reads, “POV: You are the oldest girl on TikTok and you live in Los Angeles.” She is not afraid to be simple and really advises you to act accordingly.

6 Who is Christina Najjar?

Christina Najjar grew up in London, England with her American parents, where she attended an all-girls school before going to Stanford University.

By profile in Fashion, “After college, she began working in retail at Gap Inc., Banana Republic, and Poshmark before joining Parsons for a master’s degree in fashion journalism. She worked as a freelancer, writing candid articles such as “I tried to go on different dates every week for a year – that’s what happened” and “I had a huge crush on my trainer – it didn’t end well.”

“These were articles in which I fell on a banana peel and told a joke, this has always been my thing,” Najjar explained, “I like the idea that other people learn from my mistakes.”


5 Tinx gets a big break on TikTok

Tinks is liked by the audience because she uses a tiny microphone to get her point across. Joking! But the mini mic really helps! Her content is focused not only on millennials or only generation Z, but both. Tinx says its Instagram page targets the 25-33 age group, while TikTok is much broader. “Millennials love the list, they love the starter pack and I have found a lot of camaraderie and success with content like this because there are other people my age on the app,” she said. “Not to say that I learned so much from generation Z. They scare me, but I don’t want to be on the side of TikTok. I love being the clumsy old millennial for Gen Z.”

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4 Why Tinks is everyone’s older sister

She takes the time to answer questions from her fans and really listens. Tinks curates his content for his followers and is not afraid to share personal details of his life. Being a powerful person means that you cannot shy away from personal matters. Tinx shares everything, good and bad. When she went through a breakup this year, she told her fans“Today I was going to post a vlog to tell you all how madly I love my boyfriend,” she said. “But today I received a terrible message, and if you received one of these messages, you know exactly what it is.” She could play along and pretend, but that would not fit her brand.

3 Signature Tinx Spill-Proof Cup by Simple Modern

If Tix tells you to buy this non-spill cup for adults… you will! A simple modern classic insulated glass was in my Amazon cart in seconds.

“It makes me so happy and I literally get hundreds of photos a day of people holding their cups, people in public will wave them at me,” she said, pausing before adding, “You need a cup. You must receive it.“Tinks does not officially endorse this product, she just loves it and wants everyone to stay hydrated!

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2 Chipotle bowl order from Tinx

Tinx has partnered with brands like Chipotle to create their own burrito bowl, as well as Erewhon grocery store in Los Angeles, which sells the smoothie of the same name. With popularity like Tinx comes big brand deals. Not many people can say they have their own Chipotle burrito bowl. Tinx Bowl includes chicken, additional fajita vegetables, fresh tomato salsa, tomato red chili salsa, grilled chili corn salsa, romaine lettuce and a serving of guacamole. Since it’s one of her favorite places to eat, it’s only fair that she gets a personalized meal on the menu.

one Hot Girl Tinx’s Sundae

Tinx also has her own “Tinx Hot Girl Sundae” at Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood, California. This restaurant is another one of her favorite places to eat and sure enough she made friends with the owner. Craig and she decided it would be great to create a dessert that everyone would love… “Tinx Hot Girl Sundae” was born in Las Vegas.

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