Who is TikTok’s Emily Mariko content creator?

Emily Mariko recently found her way to stardom on TikTok by posting her cooking routine on social media. During the pandemic, TikTok’s popularity skyrocketed and has since surpassed 1 billion monthly users. TikTok stars such as Charlie and Dixie D’Amelio, Addison Rae, Bella Poarch achieved global success in 2020 when their usage was at their peak. It seems less likely that users will achieve such a huge level of success in 2021, but many have climbed to that level. Kat Stickler, Remy Bader, and Emily Mariko are newcomers to the block as they work their way through the platform.

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Everyone falls in love with Emily Mariko, but more importantly … with her food. To go viral, one video is enough, and then it all depends on you what you will do with the audience. Emily has been doing TikTok for a while, but her video of a bowl of salmon and rice got her attention. Since then, Emily Mariko has become a viral sensation with 8.6 million followers and 288.2 million likes on her page. Each video has over a million views and she has truly become an “IT Girl”. Meet the woman who created a bowl of salmon and rice and many other delicious and healthy recipes!

6 Who is Emily Mariko?

Now Emily is 29 years old, and in just a few days she will turn 30! She lives in Los Angeles, California and most recently got engaged to her longtime boyfriend. Emily graduated from Columbia University with a degree in neurology. Although, it looks like she’s always had a passion for food since setting up her YouTube channel and TikTok page. Emily Mariko also has an impressive net worth of $ 3-4 million.


5 Creating a Youtube channel

Emily first launched her YouTube channel in 2012, vlogging about her life. Her channel consists of makeup tutorials, fitness tips and dozens of travel experiences. She had no idea that her love of food and cooking would make her famous. Emily has over 500k subscribers on YouTube with a whopping 476 videos. Her channel revolves around her daily lifestyle and the growth of her already huge following. She shares her experience of finding an apartment, taking out clothes and, of course, everything she eats in a day.

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4 Salmon and Rice Bowl by Emily Mariko

Sometimes the simplest things turn out to be the deepest. All Emily does in this video is how she uses the leftover salmon. She mash it, add some rice and microwave it with an ice cube covered with parchment paper. This act of adding an ice cube to food has left the world with so many questions. Eventually, fans found out that ice creates steam, which prevents the rice from drying out. This little culinary life hack was one of many that Emily Mariko had tucked up her sleeve. After creating the rice bowl everyone’s dream … Mariko was left with a huge number of people wanting to know how she does it. All she did was heat up some salmon and add avocado, sriracha, soy sauce, keupi mayonnaise, kimchi and dried seaweed. Simple enough to replicate, but tasty enough to drive you crazy!

3 Healthy lifestyle Emily Mariko

Emily found the key to a happy and healthy life by preparing her own meals. Doordash can be addictive, but Emily Mariko makes you want to go to the grocery store and master the kitchen. Her love for all vegetables and the right workout kits got us all hooked.

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2 Emily Mariok: TikTok sensation

Emily’s content on her page is something from a Betty Crocker cookbook. Her clean and precise way of cooking in the kitchen is so eye-catching. I’m sure her eight million followers will agree with me when I say that Emily is not like all other influencers. Its content is authentic, original and simple. There is no one like her on TikTok and that says a lot since the platform has a billion users. She is the epitome of what ordinary women aspire to, and it’s no surprise that she achieved this level of success at such a young age.

one Why is Emily Mariko’s page so addictive?

Emily Mariko does what we all would like to have energy for. Prepare good food for her and her partner. Simple, isn’t it? “I think I enjoy watching Emily’s TikTok for the same reason that I like to watch Home EditShe continued. “Everything seems so collected in such a way that I have no discipline.” Hopefully one day we all have the time and patience to cook like Emily Mariko … one day.

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