Who is Tim Anderson from MasterChef?

Tim Anderson is the chef, author and winner of the 2011 MasterChef series.

The American chef was named the youngest winner of the BBC1 show, wowing the judges with his impressive dishes with a Japanese flavor.


Tim Anderson and his MasterChef trophy[/caption]

Who is Tim Anderson?

Tim Anderson was born on July 12, 1984 in Racine, Wisconsin.

At the age of 15, he accidentally got into a Japanese food show called Iron Chef and fell in love with cooking.

Tim moved to California to study Japanese food culture at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

In his early twenties, he moved to Tokyo to immerse himself in regional Japanese cuisine for two years.

He met his British wife Laura and together they moved to London in 2008.

Tim ran a beer bar near Euston Station before entering MasterChef.

When did Tim win MasterChef?

Tim won MasterChef back in 2011 after taking his place “as a joke.”

As a final meal, he served three hamburgers dedicated to Los Angeles, Tokyo and London, cities that began to define his culinary style.

His inventive dishes stunned Judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace for their illogical combinations, such as braised pork belly and mocha steak.

Both judges throughout the BBC competition praised Tim for his adventurous cooking and gave them “the best culinary explosion” they have ever seen on the show.

Despite the judges’ defeat, Tim says he was “embarrassed” by his performance in the MasterChef kitchen, and has since grown as a chef.

Where does Tim Anderson work?

In 2015, like most of the MasterChef winners, Tim opened his own Nanban restaurant in the heart of Brixton.

According to his Instagram, the chef regularly hosts various one-off culinary events.

He also entered into cooperation deals.

In his post, he announced, “I’m thrilled to announce that my Chicago pizza box is now available to order at @instabox_uk!”

On his Instagram account On December 3, 2021, Tim also announced that he would be leaving his Nanban restaurant.

Tim wrote a message to fans explaining his reason for leaving: “Now my priorities have shifted to focus on my family, my cookbooks and other opportunities.”

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