Who is TJ Lavigne from Challenge?

Like his The Revenant counterpart Jeff Probst, T.J. Lavin’s job is to teach series members the rules of each increasingly dangerous and adrenaline-filled challenge. It’s the sort of challenge that can go from tense to unintentionally comedic quite easily, but Lavin’s extensive experience in the demanding world of professional BMX riding adds more credibility to his underwhelming performance.

Throughout his career in extreme sports, Lavigne has been a mainstay and favorite for world-famous competitions such as the Dew Tour and X Games, where he took home not one but two gold medals in ’97 and ’99. At the competitions of the first in 2010, on the eve of the athlete’s departure from sports, he received a near-fatal injury, due to which he was put into a medically induced coma (through Bleach report).

During and after his recovery, Lavigne began working as a dirt track designer for Rosa Tourtried his hand at entrepreneurship with alcohol metabolizer Forgiven (via XGames), and, of course, continued to lead the “Challenge”. In addition to BMX bikes and the alcohol processing business, Lavigne has also dipped into the music industry.

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