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YOUNG Slo-Be is an American rapper from Stockton, California, where he began performing for the community.

Overflowing with talent, Young Slo-Be went viral with his 2018 song Smurkish Wayz on SoundCloud and YouTube.


Young Slo-Be is a rapper from Stockton, California.

Who is young Slo-Be?

The young Slow B, whose real name is Dishan Jacou Victor, has kept much of his life a secret, leaving his age and past partly unknown.

“I tell people [my age] all the time,” Slow B said. Rotation. “I’m 2100.”

His dedication to 2100 Nightingale Avenue, also known as The G, in Central California is evident in his music and his mindset.

As a child, Young Slo-B watched his uncle make a music career in San Diego and watched his father rap frequently, though neither of them ventured outside their residence.

His relationship with his father never went beyond the common gene pool, Young Slo-B said. Passion Weissadding that he was raised by women.

“We didn’t have a great relationship with my father, to be honest. He’s always been a tough nigga to us. He was a street nigga so he didn’t really know how to be a dad. But he taught me street shit,” he told the publication.

But as for his mother, he said she was trying to set a good example and keep him out of trouble.

“She worked from 9 to 5. She worked; she didn’t sell drugs or anything like that. She’s street smart, but she wasn’t a street woman. She always wanted her children to be useful.”

According to him, it wasn’t until he entered his father’s studio that Young Slo-Be was inspired to make a career out of his music.

The studio door was left open and he recorded the song he wrote while his father was away.

By 2018, he began to take the matter more seriously.

“I didn’t take it seriously until 3 or 4 years ago. That is why we are here now,” he said.

“I just recorded and kept the music; I never released it and tried to say “I’m a rapper, y’all”.

“I didn’t care because I didn’t believe any record label would come along and say, ‘Ayo, you’re cool. We will sign you.”

Young Slo-Be became popular on TikTok with his song I Love You.


Young Slo-Be became popular on TikTok with his song I Love You.

How did Young Slo-Be go viral?

Young Slo-Be’s music career finally took off when he hit TikTok with his song I Love You.

He told Passion Weiss that he didn’t know it happened and was told by his daughter.

“My daughter had to show me ‘Look’ before she hit 2,000 and I’m like, ‘What the fuck? I’m on TikTok.”

“She’s like, ‘Yeah, you’re going up. They have your song.” And then, you never know, everything grew – two thousand, four thousand, ten … “

According to him, he never expected fame and never expected to go viral on TikTok, a platform he had no presence on.

The skyrocketing fame showed Young Slow-B the power of social media and surprised him with how quickly it happened.

“It showed me that anything is possible, just keep working. On the other hand, I wasn’t keen on giving up TikTok; it could have been a fluke because they probably won’t move on to the next shit,” he said.

What is Young Slo-Be’s newest project?

Young Slo-Be released his newest project Southeast on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud in June 2022.

The inspiration came directly from Stockton and is a tribute to his life there.

“Nothing special, it speaks for itself – southeast,” he said.

“Where in Stockton? This is what we do… I’m fucking with this record. I’m not the best rapper in the world, but I love myself. I hope they fuck with me because of me. “

He continued, “You just want people to know you and the art you put out.

“Put in your time and effort and the bastards will appreciate this shit.”

As his success grows, Young Slo-Be wants to keep the momentum going. He wants to keep rapping and making music that his fans will love.

“I am the king,” he said. “I handle what I have to handle and I’m still 100% proof. If you know, you know.”

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