Who plays Julio on the Dogs of the Reservation season 2?

Julio, played by Reinaldo Pignella, will join the cast of the second season of Reservation Dogs. According to the actor IMDb Profile, he will appear as a character in episode 7 of the season, but other than that, there is no indication of who this character will be or what purpose he will serve as the season progresses. According to ConsequenceIn an early look at season 2, the show will begin with Elora and Jackie (Elva Guerra) heading west to California while Bear works in construction and Willie Jack continues to grapple with the death of his friend Daniel (Dalton Kramer). Since reviewers were only given the first four episodes (according to individualwireseason 2 review), it’s impossible to know how Piniella’s character influences this season’s story.

Piniella is relatively unknown, having previously worked on a series of short films and cameo roles on TV shows. According to his IMDb page, he plays the character Teddy in the season 10 finale of Blue Bloods, he appeared in a parody of The Daily Show in 2014, and in 2015 he had an uncredited role in the semi-autobiographical series ” Louis S.K.” show Louis. Piniella’s IMDb also revealed that he teaches at American Academy of Music and Drama in New York and appeared in several off-Broadway theatrical productions. Clearly a rising star, Reservation Dogs fans are no doubt looking forward to his upcoming performance in Season 2.

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