Who was Andrew Lincoln before The Walking Dead?

Andrew Lincoln was only a world famous actor in his native England, but that all changed in 2010 when he gained international fame for his role as “regular” character Rick Grimes on AMC. the walking Dead… Although he left the show in season 9, the portrayal of Andrew’s hero was what pushed the walking Dead to where he is.

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“When Angela [Kang, the showrunner] gave me this idea, she said that for the past nine years we have been vacillating between anti-hero and hero, and I think we should probably end up with a heroic deed. ” he talked about his shocking departure from the thriller got caught during an interview with New York Times… “I said,“ Sounds like a great plan. I’m in “”.

With that said, Andrew Lincoln is much more than just a Rick Grimes game. Before making his international breakthrough, Andrew was the prolific face of the comedy scene in England. As for his personal life, the actor is also doing well. his father’s life for quite some time. To summarize, here is Andrew Lincoln’s life before the walking Dead

6 Andrew Lincoln has starred in several theatrical productions

There are many known cases of theater stars turning into film actors, and Andrew Lincoln is one of them. In fact, some of his iconic roles include Bruce in Blue / Orange, a sardonically comic play that touches on some of the most tabooed themes of the 21st century, alongside Bill Nighy and Chiwetel Ejiofor. After its premiere at the Royal National Theater in London in April 2000, the production was a great success. BBC later adapted the play for a television film starring Brian Cox, John Simm, and Sean Parks.


5 Andrew Lincoln as Dr. Robert Bridge in Afterlife

From 2005 to 2006 Andrew was Dr. Robert Bridge at afterlife… Created by Stephen Wolf, this mystical drama follows the life of a university teacher who gets his hands dirty in a series of supernatural events. The show is set in Bristol, England and was produced by Tammy Choplling and Murray Ferguson. afterlife Unfortunately, it only lasted two seasons and 14 episodes, but it was a critical success as the Monte Carlo Television Festival nominated Andrew for Best Actor.

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4 He starred in the British sitcom

Talking about comedy, Andrew Lincoln really got his start in the genre. He was Simon Casey at Chanel 4. Teachers, a sitcom about a group of high school teachers and their chaotic daily life with their students. The show was so successful that it received six BAFTA nominations in its two years of existence.

“It’s just a lighthearted look at a group of friends who happen to be teachers. It’s more about characters. The kids on the show are more with him than the staff… In fact, they are all a little tragic, ”he said.

3 Andrew Lincoln Nominated for Best New Director

In addition to acting, Andrei also tried his acting skills. On filming days Teachers, the British actor directed two episodes of the third season, receiving a 2004 BAFTA nomination for Best New Director (Fiction).

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“Also, for the first time in nine years in this business, I had to use my brain. As an actor, don’t think well. For a director, the brighter the actor, the more difficult it is to direct. Maybe that’s why directors in the past have always sang praises to me, “he said.

2 Andrew Lincoln and Fatherhood

Since becoming a star, Andrew Lincoln has become a more down-to-earth approach to everything in life, including dating. While the actor is notorious for dating Tara Fitzgerald, whom he met while filming for a BBC show. Woman in white, he decided to move in with Gaelle Anderson, daughter of Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson. The couple tied the knot in 2006 and welcomed two more lives to their family: Matilda (born 2007) and Arthur (born 2010).

one What’s next for Andrew Lincoln?

So what’s next for Andrew Lincoln? Departure the walking Dead there must be a fresh start for the actor, and he made his first non-TWD role in 2020 in the drama of Glendin Ivin Penguin Bloom starring Naomi Watts and Jackie Weaver. The actor is currently gearing up to reprise his iconic role in the upcoming Universal Pictures trilogy. the walking Dead movies.

Earlier in December 2020, the actor announced that filming would begin in early 2020, with Gail Ann Heard taking over as executive producer. Unfortunately, progress has stalled for a while due to the current global health crisis.

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