Who was Dancing Dolls 4 Life star Dai’Shea Hall?

DANCING Dolls 4 Life coach Dianna Williams announced that star Dy’Shi Hall passed away on June 13, 2022.

Hall’s cause of death has yet to be made public, but her coach and teammates reported her death on social media at the age of 16.


DANCING Dolls 4 Life star DaiShi Upshaw passed away in June 2022.

Who was Dai’Shi Hall?

Dai’Shea Hall was part of the Dancing Dolls 4 Life troupe, which rose in popularity after the dance show Lifetime Bring It! premiered in 2013.

Bring it! ran for five seasons before ending in 2019.

She was described as someone who loved to dance and motivated her troupe mates.

“Dyshea LOVEDDDD dance… We must continue because this is what she wanted,” Dollhouse Dance Factory wrote on Instagram on June 13.

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The message continued: “She always said, ‘WE GOT IT ALL!’ She did not give up, she did not back down from anything, she was frank, she was the soul of the party and just loved … … our dance family is now so offended … The dance was in her just like in all of us … “

How did Dai’Shi Hall die?

The cause of Hall’s death has yet to be made public, and the dance factory Dollhouse said its members are “still processing” the dancer’s unexpected death.

“Today is one of the hardest…my team in all 3 cities broke up…they all talked, met, texted, FaceTimed, traveled and celebrated with each other…this kid has had an impact on all of us and left something with us all.” that we will never forget.”

Her coach Dianna Williams shared the news and said she couldn’t believe the dancer was gone and didn’t understand how she could have died.

Speaking of Hall’s personality and kindness, Williams wrote, “(Upshaw) was fearless and always tried to elevate herself and everyone else in the dollhouse…

“She always cheered up her sisters and motivated everyone!

“She was always someone I could count on, she had LOUD HAIR.

“She was my DAH SHIKI!” …….. why…. I can’t find the words…just why….

“I will miss your laughter!! I will miss your smile!!

“Please keep her family, friends and the ENTIRE Dancing Dolls organization in prayer: … we are NOT OK!”

Who else from the puppet dance factory has died?

Hall passed away just months after his colleague Shakira Gatlin passed away in February.

Gatlin was only 19 years old when she was shot to death in Jackson, Mississippi.

Police said the teenager was shot in the head after the underage man “mishandled a weapon.”

Her mother posted on Facebook about the death of her daughter and wrote: “Just buried my husband, now I need to bury the child! They deserve to live.

“PLEASE LEAVE THEIR WEAPON! She didn’t deserve it! Shakira Gatlin, mommy loves you so much!”

A GoFundMe page was created in Gatlin’s name to provide support to her family during a difficult time.

The fundraiser says Gatlin was “…a modest, energetic, life-loving teenager who tragically died in Jackson, Mississippi.

He added: “Shakira loved to dance, was full of energy and never met a stranger.”

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Page asks for financial support from the Gatlin family to help with funeral expenses.

As of June 14, the GoFundMe page has raised $15,428, surpassing the $10,000 goal.

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