Who was Dianne Carroll and did she have an affair with Sidney Poitier?

SIDNEY Poitiers made headlines in January 2022 after it was announced that he had passed away at the age of 94.

After his tragic death, many began to wonder about the actor’s relationship history and his romance with Dianne Carroll.


Dianne Carroll and Sidney Poitier co-starred in the films Porgy and Bess and Paris Blues.1 credit

Who was Dianne Carroll?

Born July 17, 1935, Carroll was known as an American actress, singer, model, and activist who became a household name after her roles in the films Carmen Jones and Porgy and Bess in the 1950s.

She has appeared in several films and television shows over the years, including Julia, Claudine and Underworld.

She also had recurring roles in Grey’s Anatomy and White Collar, in which she portrayed June.

She has also received a number of awards throughout her career, including the Tony and Golden Globes. She also received five Emmy nominations.

In 2019, she tragically passed away at the age of 84 after battling breast cancer.

Did she have an affair with Sidney Poitier?

The story of Carroll and Poitiers dates back to 1959, when they both starred in the film Porgy and Bess.

They later teamed up again in 1961 for the film Paris Blues.

Before Carroll’s death in 2008, she released a memoir entitled Legs Last to Go, in which she claimed that she had an affair with Poitiers in 1963, stating that he convinced her to divorce Monte Cay so they could be together. together.

After she fulfilled her part of the alleged agreement, she was reportedly supposed to move into a 10-room apartment, but that changed.

“He changed the locks so I couldn’t get in. [to the apartment]… Then he made me write him a check to offset his purchase and decoration expenses, ”Carroll wrote. “I did, as I was told, submissive and desperate.”

Although Poitiers eventually split from his first wife Juanita Hardy in 1965, he reportedly told Carroll that he was not ready for another marriage, which caused her to start dating other men.

“Sidney called me at my hotel …” You, bitch, whore, tramp, “he screamed. “I know he just left your bed. I won’t let you run with other men. You belong to me!” Carroll continued.

Despite their difficult past, the two have been able to mend their relationship, become friends, and appear together at several events over the years.

“Syd and I are friends now. It’s a wonderful thing that comes with age – forgiveness and possibly a weakening of standards, ”wrote Carroll.

Poitiers married his second wife Joanna Shimkus in 1976, whom he was married to his death, and Carroll married Fred Glusman, Robert DeLeone and Vic Damona.

After her fourth divorce in 1996, Carroll never married again.

They reportedly had an affair in 1963.


They reportedly had an affair in 1963.1 credit

Does Dianne Carroll have children?

Despite being married four times, Carroll only had one child, daughter Suzanne Kay, whom she welcomed with her first husband.

Kay, 61, was born on September 9, 1960 and is known today as an American film producer and documentary writer.

After completing her master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University, Kay went on to work for PBS NewsHour, CNN, and Essence Magazine.

According to her, she is currently working as a producer and screenwriter for Kaymont Entertainment. LinkedIn profile

From 1996 to 2016, Kay was married to American film director and screenwriter Mark Bamford.

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