Who was Kelly Reilly before Yellowstone?

Kelly Reilly may not be one of the most recognizable names in Hollywood. Fans of the popular drama series Paramount Network, Yellowstone nevertheless recognizes her as one of the main actors of the show.

Since the series premiered in June 2018, Reilly has appeared in each of its 39 episodes. She portrays Bethany “Beth” Dutton, daughter of the protagonist John, a role played by Great cold star Kevin Costner.


Yellowstone this is definitely Reilly’s biggest role in her career to date – at least judging by the length of her production. This does not mean that her portfolio before the show can be ignored.

In fact, the 44-year-old actor has been on screen since the mid-1990s. Some of her most preferred works have been on shows such as True detective and the alphabet Black boxas well as two Sherlock Holmes movies along with Robert Downey Jr.

Kelly Reilly was interested in acting from a young age

Kelly Reilly was born in London in the summer of 1977. Her mother worked as a secretary in a hospital and her father was a police officer. Her older brother Neil is a professional golfer.

Kelly Reilly as Miss Julie in After Miss Julie.
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Reilly developed a keen interest in the performing arts from a young age while studying drama at Tolworth Girls’ School in South West London.

She began her professional acting career on the urban scene, famed for her performance in the naturalistic tragedy of Patrick Marber. After Miss Julie… She played the award-winning Miss Julie and received a lot of applause for her stellar performance. For this role in 2004 she was also nominated for the Laurence Olivier Theater Award.

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Among other stage productions in which the actress participated, Elton John glasses, London cuckolds, Graduate and Piano / Forte… All of them were written and / or directed by the renowned playwright Terry Johnson, who was her most frequent collaborator in theater-related work.

In those formative years of her career, Reilly never seemed too eager to walk the path that would lead her to fame as a screen star. In an interview with The Telegraph in 2009., she expressed her skepticism about such a life.

Kelly Reilly never sought the glamor of Hollywood success

During the interview, Eden Lake is a British slasher film starring Michael Fassbender and Jack O’Connell who could probably be called her most outstanding work on screen. Looking at this stage in her career, she was not aiming for the glamor of ultimate Hollywood success.

Kelly Reilly as Jenny Greengrass in Lake Paradise
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“Being on top of your career doesn’t mean doing some kind of multiplex blockbuster,” she said. “This career ladder is such an illusion. What’s upstairs? Twenty million dollars in movies and paparazzi in the hedge? “

She went on to talk about some of KristenBellTattoos.com that made Hollywood a difficult target for her, including the “constant need for the network” and bad legacy of ageism – especially in relation to women.

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However, this did not stop the actress from fulfilling her dream. She famously – and rather unorthodox – wrote to the producers of ITV’s police procedural drama. The main suspects request a job.

This initiative was duly rewarded with her first on-screen performance as a character named Polly Henry in an episode. Prime Suspect: Inner Circles… It was in 1995 when she also starred on an episode of the BBC. Business

Kelly Reilly has worked with people like Jude Law and Denzel Washington.

From that moment on, Reilly was constantly interrupted by various works in theater, film and television, but it took some time before she got her first lead role – Jenny Greengrass in Eden Lake in 2008.

Kelly Reilly as Mary Watson in Sherlock Holmes
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Prior to that, she was named Best Newcomer at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival for her work in a French film. Russian dolls… The following year, she also received an Empire Award in a similar category for her role as Maureen in a musical. Mrs Henderson presents

In 2009, she starred in the film Guy Ritchie. Sherlock Holmes like Mary Morstan. Downey Jr. famously played the lead role of Sherlock, and future Marvel actor Jude Law played Dr. John Watson, his close friend and colleague. Reilly’s character was Dr. Watson’s governess and love interest.

She reprized the role in A game of shadows – continuation of the picture of 2011 – however, this time in the role of Mary Watson. She then followed up with a starring role in Flight along with Denzel Washington next year.

In 2015, she appeared as Jordan Semyon in the second season of HBO. True detective… She also starred in nine episodes. Britannia on Sky Atlantic in 2018, the same year she started her work at Yellowstone

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