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BAKE OFF judge Matt Lucas has been around for decades and continues to grace our screens.

Matts’ ex-husband Kevin McGee tragically took his own life in 2009, shortly after the couple’s divorce.

McGee was a television producer for Carbon Media, an affiliate of Princess Productions.


Matt Lucas’ ex-husband Kevin McGee tragically committed suicide in 2009.Credit: PA: Press Association.

Who was Matt Lucas’ Husband Kevin McGee?

Kevin McGee has worked on shows such as The Real Little Britain, Comic Relief: Red Nose Night Live 05, Jump Britain and The Morning After Show.

Kevin and Matt married in a civil ceremony in December 2006 after four years of dating, which included guests such as Paul O’Grady, Courtney Love and Sir Elton John.

But by 2008 they were divorced, just 18 months after the wedding.

The TV producer, who was battling drug addiction and depression, was found dead in his Edinburgh flat in October 2009 after taking his own life.

His apparent Facebook suicide note read: “Kevin McGee thinks death is so much better than life.”

    Kevin McGee was a television producer.


Kevin McGee was a television producer.Credit: Rex Features

What did Matt Lucas say about Kevin McGee’s death?

Matt spoke about his loss and talked about how people respond to grief in different ways, including turning to addiction.

He explained in Kristen Bell Tattoosday Times Magazine: “I think people react differently to grief.

“I thought I had very conscientiously gone to a psychologist about the loss and didn’t drink, which I almost never do—I probably have six drinks a year.

“I’m not going to start smoking again, I’m not going to do drugs.

The actor added, “But I ended up eating a lot and having a lot of sex. Here’s how I reacted. More than anything, I tried to distract myself.”

Doctor Who star Matt said he later caught a bad cold before deciding to leave the UK in 2012.

He continued, “I wanted to build a new life. The first thing (they say) when something so terrible happens is not to do anything drastic.

“Don’t sell your house right away when someone dies, don’t find a new job. But enough time has passed that I thought it was time to move on.

“I thought I needed to go somewhere warmer, so I went to California.”

Matt Lucas remarried?

Matt has not remarried and has been quiet about his personal life since the divorce.

It is unknown if he is in a relationship.

Matt took to Instagram on the tenth anniversary of Kevin’s death, sharing a beautiful photo of his ex-husband smiling.

He told his followers, “This is Kevin John McGee, who died ten years ago today.

“I loved him more than anyone I have ever met and still love. He was so funny, stupid, smart, kind and handsome, and his smile made my heart beat faster.

“We were together for almost six years and he made me the happiest person on the planet. In the end, he lost the battle with addiction and depression. I guess some people don’t have armor for this world.

“I think about him probably a hundred times a day, every day. To be honest, I don’t think much of anything else. were together and the love we shared. It was like nothing else.”

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