Who was Tom Hall and what caused his death?

Tom T. Hall was known as a country songwriter, singer, instrumentalist, writer, and storyteller.

On August 20, 2021, it was announced that the country music legend had died at the age of 85, and the autopsy results finally revealed the cause of his death.


Tom T. Hall was a country music starCredit: AP

Who was Tom Hall?

Born May 25, 1936, Hall was known for writing 12 # 1 songs, including Hello Vietnam, I Love, Country Is and Faster Horses.

The son of a preacher, Hall began making music when he was still a child. He dropped out of school after his mother died and his father was disabled in a hunting accident.

Prior to his musical success, Hall joined the US Army in 1957 and served for four years, after his release he settled in Nashville and began writing music.

Hall also wrote five books during his career, including:

  • Nashville storyteller
  • Songwriter Handbook
  • Acts of Life: Tales by Tom T. Hall
  • Laughing Man of Woodmont Bays Tom T. Hall
  • Country Songs for Kids by Tom T. Hall

In 1972, Hall won a Grammy in the Best Album Recordings category for his album Tom T. Hall’s Greatest Hits.

Hall has been credited with bringing stories to music like never before, along with Chris Kristofferson and Billy Joe Shaver, and has amassed a net worth of $ 5 million over the years.

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What caused Tom Hall’s death?

On August 20, his death was confirmed by his son, Dean Hall, and was later ruled suicide by a Williamson County medical examiner.

“It is with great sadness that my father, Tom T. Hall, died this morning at his home in Franklin, Tennessee. Our family asks for privacy during this difficult time, ”he tweeted.

Following his death, the Country Music Hall of Fame also issued a statement.

“Tom T. Hall’s masterpieces vary in story, tone and pace, but they are bound by his unrelenting and unwavering empathy for the victories and defeats of others,” said Kyle Young, CEO of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

“He wrote without judgment or anger, offering a rhymed journalism of the soul that distinguishes his writing from any other writer. He was a storyteller, philosopher, whiskey maker, novelist, poet, artist, benefactor, letter writer, gift giver, farmer gentleman and more. other “.

Tom T. Hall passed away on August 20, 2021.


Tom T. Hall passed away on August 20, 2021.Credit: AP

Was Tom Hall married?

Hall has been married twice in his 85 years of life.

In 1961, Hall first married Opal Inez McKinney, and the same year they had their first child, Dean.

According to Dean’s website, his father and mother met after Hall returned home from the army and was looking for work.

After meeting at a restaurant and entertainment center in Morehead, Kentucky, Hall and McKinney began dating.

They married on February 16, 1961, but after a restaurant dispute between McKinney and Dean’s grandfather, Hall left town before his son was born.

Despite not being there as a child, Dean followed in his father’s footsteps and became a blues rock singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and part-time poet.

Dean’s mother died tragically at the age of 58, on March 10, 1985, after battling cancer.

After that, Dean and his father renewed their relationship, and before his death, his website states that they “often hang out on his farm outside of Nashville.”

“We mainly talk about poetry, philosophy, religion or songwriting – you know, simple things. Oh, and how we found that all of these roads eventually lead home, ”Dean said.

Seven years after he married his first wife, Hall remarried Iris Violet May Lawrence, who is known as Dixie Hall.

Like Hall, Dixie was also a musician.

Dixie was best known as a bluegrass and country songwriter, music journalist, animal rights activist, and head of an independent record label.

Despite 47 years of marriage, they never had children of their own.

Dixie passed away back in 2015 at the age of 80.

If you or someone you know is affected by any of the issues raised in this story, call the National Suicide Prevention Helpline at 800-273-TALK (8255) or text the crisis to 741741.

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