Who was Tony Revolori before playing Flash Thompson in the MCU Spider-Man films?

Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently the largest film in the world, and it will take some time before something happens and knocks him off the pedestal. Tom Holland’s blockbuster breaks records, and the rest of the film’s cast and Sony employees are reaping the benefits.

Tony Revolori may not be a household name, but he is an actor who has played the character Flash Thompson in the MCU for several years now. Before he landed this fantastic role, Revolori did some serious work.


Let’s take a look at who Revolori was before he played Flash Thompson in the MCU.

Tony Revolori – Ace Flash Thompson

2017 Nov. Spider-Man: Homecoming was the first web slinger feature film in the MCU, and there was a lot of hype around the project. While he debuted in Captain America: Civil War, the first movie with the character was a big milestone for both Sony and Marvel.

One of KristenBellTattoos.com longtime fans were really looking forward to was the appearance of familiar characters on the big screen, one of which was Flash Thompson. This character has been actively involved in the stories of Spider-Man for many years, and he has been portrayed on the big screen several times. For the MCU, actor Tony Revolori was the person who got the role and he was great as a character.

Revolori has such a distinct presentation style and really does a lot of the Flash’s on-screen personality. Because of this, MCU fans get a really fantastic version of the character.

Of course, Revolori didn’t always play this character, and he had a long way to get to where he is now.

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He starred in projects such as The Grand Budapest Hotel.

While it may have taken a while for the main audience to become familiar with Tony Revolori’s work, the truth is that the actor has worked hard since the 2000s, gaining valuable experience. In fact, some people may be a little surprised at some of the merit he has earned through his time in the entertainment industry.

In the world of cinema, Revolori has appeared in films such as Perfect Game, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Doping, and small films such as Lowriders… In fact, he was showered with criticism for his work in Hotel Grand Budapestand that undoubtedly played a part in getting him a chance to make it to the MCU.

Before he got into the MCU, the actor also worked on the small screen. Revolori could catch rolls on shows like Entourage, My name is Earl, Shameless, and even workaholics

All of this ultimately led to him landing in the MCU. However, few people know that the actor has actually had multiple MCU auditions over the years.

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Revolori auditioned for other MCU roles

Before you get your chance to be the brilliant Flash Thompson in the hit movie Spider-Man: HomecomingTony Revolori actually auditioned for multiple roles in the MCU. Quite a long time passed between his first and last auditions, but in the end he got a role that suited him.

According to the actor, “In 2007, I had a chance: to audition for iron Manstarring Robert Downey Jr., whom I loved in Chaplin, and directed by Jon Favreau, whom I loved in Swingers… It was my opportunity to capture everything I ever wanted, to capture it and not let it slip away. “

He may not have landed the role, but in the future he will be given the opportunity to audition for other MCU roles.

In fact, Revolori detailed how he auditioned for the role of Peter Parker, saying, “On March 4, 2015, an appointment came in for a new Spider-Man movie! this sticky movie theater chair many years ago: PETER. PARKER. And the Lord knows I wasn’t going to ruin everything. “

Again, unlucky, and the actor even missed his chance to play Ned. Revolori, however, landed on Flash Thompson and the rest was history. This is especially bitter and ironic, especially considering that Flash now desperately wants to be tied up as Peter’s best friend in No way home

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Things tend to work in mysterious ways, and we’re just glad Revolori was able to find the perfect MCU role.

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