Who Won ‘Survivor’ Season 41? Final Five match in the season finale!

spoiler ALERT – This post contains spoilers Survivor Finale, so beware of further reading!


new winner of Survivor Has Been Announced!

On Tuesday night (December 15), the season ended with 41 Final Five – Erica, hip rap, heath, xender And record – Compete against each other after being sent to another new island without any shelter or food.

Throughout the episode, there were some twists and turns and this led to the final three contestants and the jury deciding who won the game.

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Before the first Immunity Challenge, all five players had a chance to get the final advantage, which Erica found it. The benefits worked in his favor and he gained personal immunity.


In the tribal council, xender Played his immunity idol on himself before him, Erica, hip rap, And heath everyone voted Richard,

The four then took part in one last immunity challenge, which xender won and chose to bring Erica With him in the last three.


hip rap And heath Then the Tribal Council was faced with an incendiary challenge, which hip rap Won victory by sending Heather to the jury.

last three- xender, Erica, And hip rap – then shared his plea with the jury that one of them be crowned the new winner and receive the million dollar prize

and the winner of Survivor Season 41 is…

Erica Kasupanan

erica wins

second place: hip rap
third place: xender

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