Who won the Challenge: All Star Season 1?

In the first season of Challenge: All Stars, 22 former contestants competed for a prize of half a million dollars in the mountains of Argentina. blast from the past cast Among them were Mark Long (Road Rules: USA), Cyrus Yarbow (Real World: Boston), Anisa Ferriera (Real World: Chicago), and even veteran Real World: LA star Beth Stolarsizk. . But it was Da Duffy (Rules of the Road: A Semester at Sea) that won the big money. Duffy, who works as an architect, returned to the Challenge franchise almost 18 years after his stint with Battle of the Sexes, but he didn’t expect to get very far.

“I thought I was going to be sent home on the first day,” the father of two admitted. E! News, adding that he doesn’t know many other players and doesn’t participate in social games or alliances. Although he trained before the show, Duffy was surprised by the intensity of some of the challenges. “Mark told everyone, ‘We’re going to have some fun! Will be cool!” … I thought we were going to go light, but the minute we got there, it was just complete madness,” he said.

Duffy also revealed the secret to his big win by doing yoga twice a day, every day, before the competition. Regarding the possibility of The Challenge returning, the champ said, “I’m in the game. I like the idea of ​​doing more All Star Challenges. there is now. If we want to compete in the Super Bowl, OG vs New School, I’m in the game. I’m in the game to jump in and see what I’ve got. I will bring everything I have.”

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