Why Aaron Paul’s fans were completely confused in Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 11

Time catches up with all of us. This can be especially noticeable in a series like Better Call Saul, which takes place before—and in the later stages of season 6 during—the events of Breaking Bad, despite the fact that the actors portraying the characters , noticeably older. According to writer Thomas Schnauz (via Twitter), time and budget constraints mean that digital aging removal isn’t really an option for the show, meaning viewers have to suspend any age-related disbelief they may have. Since Aaron Paul plays a fairly young character in Breaking Bad, it’s understandable that he might be more receptive to it than most.

However, in reality, Paul’s voice scares off some fans. AT Reddit When discussing the episode, many viewers were shocked by the actor’s surprisingly deep vocals. “Aaron Paul’s voice dropped a full octave after Breaking Bad. u/athomehesatourist wrote. “Paul actually felt pretty awkward, it took me a few seconds to recognize him even though everything about the scene was screaming BB duo” y / manticism opinion. “Lol yeah it knocked me off the stage” you / conscience agreed. Meanwhile another redditor noted that the gradual deepening of Paul’s voice is noticeable in his six-season voice role as Todd Chavez in Bojack Horseman.

Other fans have also taken notice of Jesse Pinkman’s newly acquired soft tone. “Why is Aaron Paul’s voice so deep that he sounded the same in el camino?” @whee1s tweeted. “Aaron Paul’s voice is so low right now, compared to when it should have happened, that it’s actually so funny it doesn’t fit.” @SpvceJamTwo wrote.

With two more episodes of Better Call Saul, there’s a chance fans will see more of Jesse and hear more of his fresh deep voice.

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