Why Aisha Tyler doesn’t think Lana and Archer are capable of normal family dynamics

During an interview with Screen rantingAisha Tyler noted that she doesn’t think Archer and Lana will ever achieve the typical family dynamic. On the face of it, this makes sense, since any normalcy is probably thrown out the window forever into the world of espionage. In addition, Lana and Archer did not have a consistent experience of co-parenting. AJ went through most of the series without explicitly knowing that Archer is her biological father. However, Tyler gave a deeper insight into Archer and Lana as characters and explained why their strange dynamics may never change. “It’s real deep love, but I don’t think they expect or ever really be able to have any kind of normal, stable adult relationship with each other,” Tyler told Screen Rant. “He talks too much and frankly she’s too single-minded, I don’t think she would want it to be some sort of normalized relationship.”

So far, Season 13 has shown that Tyler is right about his breakup with Archer and Lana, but it also showed that the two have at least reached a new level in their parenting and caring for each other. In The Big Scam, Archer unexpectedly gives Lana good advice on how to text AJ about how much she loves her and how proud she is of her daughter. And at the end of Saturday, it’s hard not to notice Archer’s sad face as AJ rushes past him to hug Lana instead. Perhaps, in the order of things, some kind of family connections of secret agents.

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