Why Allison Janney had the entire cast and crew of ‘Mom’ going crazy during the final season

Allison Janney appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and discussed the ending of “Mama” as well as the next steps in her career after eight years on the show. One of the funniest anecdotes she shared was during the last season of Mom when Jennie came in for a hairstyling with her natural hair. In the series, Bonnie is often seen with long light brown hair parted on the side. However, in real life, Jennie did have short gray hair, and even the showrunners of “Mom” had no idea about it.

Apparently, Jennie came to the set with her natural hair, and the producers started to freak out. “They’re like, ‘What did you do?’ How do we do? .. You should have asked us before doing this with your hair,” said Jenny. She told the crew that she’s been wearing a wig since 2013 and it’s no longer a secret. When she left the show, Jennie said she took the wig she was wearing as a souvenir along with several pairs of comfortable sweatpants. It’s a move that Bonnie Plunkett would be proud of.

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