Why are Conners fans making noise about Jackie’s hair?

Fast forward a few decades and Jackie Harris is far from being a fashionista. The Lunch Box co-owner dresses and does little to nothing about her hair, which stays short and without styling products. In one of the episodes, Jackie is even mistaken for a lesbian because of her short haircut.

In a Reddit thread, fans reacted to Jackie’s look today. “Back on the Roseanne show, she had some beautiful short hair. you/karateg, wrote, adding that 1990s Jackie “looked more composed.” Others pointed out that 2022 Jackie doesn’t care about her appearance. “I hate to say it, I love Laurie Metcalfe but her hair really doesn’t look flattering right now. I often confuse her with Mark”, you/the_queen_of_nada noted, referring to teenage son Darlene (Sarah Gilbert).

And other fans weren’t sure if the tousled hairstyle was the decision of Laurie Metcalfe or the show’s hairdresser. “Actors can’t choose their hair. There is a barber on set who decides how everyone’s hair should look,” they wrote on Twitter. you / northern moon. “You will be surprised. Laurie Metcalfe is too important to the show to ignore.” u / Acrobatics-Adagio9772 fired back.

Metcalfe also appreciated the look of her character. When the Conners returned to production under COVID-19 protocols at the end of 2020, she said. “On the red carpet” that she intentionally made Jackie’s appearance. “As soon as I heard we were coming back, and of course I didn’t do anything to my hair, I thought, oh, this is going to be perfect,” Metcalfe said. “I will let the roots grow. I’ll get my hair and makeup done and I’ll look like the hell out of what we’re all supposed to look like right now.”

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