Why Big Bang Theory fans are still confused about Bernadette’s bed rest

In the subreddit of the show u/Dawns Lopunny The conversation began with the question of why Bernadette had been bedridden for so long. However, the redditor u/Significant_Curve286 quickly dispelled the mystery, noting, “It was actually an attempt to accommodate Rauch, who had miscarried during a previous pregnancy.” They also provided a link to an essay by Melissa Rauch published in Glamor discussing the issue of her previous miscarriage and announcing that she is pregnant again.

As detailed ET, following her essay in Glamor magazine, Rauch decided to continue addressing the issue in a powerful, deeply moving public statement, for which she was joined by other celebrities, including Kiele Sanchez, Vanna White, June Diane Raphael, and Nancy Kerrigan. of whom have themselves experienced miscarriages. They note that one in four pregnancies ends in a miscarriage, but no one should feel stigmatized or face this problem alone. Rauch’s heartfelt commercial can be viewed at Instagram.

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