Why Blue Bloods Fans Had Trouble With Danny At The Beginning Of The Season

When Blue Bloods starts, Danny is your typical tough cop. Tough on both criminals and peers, tormented by personal demons, the detective makes his debut as a pretty hothead. But in later seasons… he’s still like that, although in a way he’s grown up and even has an evolving relationship that some Blue Bloods fans can’t seem to agree with. Unfortunately, getting past Danny’s introductory period can be tricky.

In a thread on the r/bluebloods subreddit, you/danahenry1708 expressed their dissatisfaction with Danny’s behavior early on. “I think Danny’s anger issues are pretty annoying,” a user wrote. “He’s not getting ANY repercussions for his behavior and it’s happening more and more.”

While other users have agreed that Danny has trouble controlling his rage, veteran fans have noted that Detective gets better in subsequent seasons. “I really didn’t like Danny at the beginning of the show. u / AphroditeRose1 commented. “He was my least favorite character, but now I like his character more. I don’t want to spoil anything in particular, but it does improve.”

Donnie Wahlberg felt that Danny’s initial barb was crucial. In an interview with 92nd Street Y, New York, the actor talked about accepting his character’s flaws. “Ten years ago I wouldn’t have been ready to play it,” he said. “Maybe even eight years ago. But when this part came out, I was able to trust what was on paper and risked the audience not loving me better.”

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