Why Bobby’s original name had to be changed in Supernatural

The Winchester brothers’ most non-toxic parenting figure has some of the most wholesome roots. Since Bobby is the father that Sam and Dean never had, the inspiration for the character’s creation came from figures that Supernatural creator Eric Kripke looked up to. Speaking at the 2011 PaleyFest, Kripke revealed that Bobby was a combination of two important people in his life (via Eclipse Magazine). Producers Bob Singer and Kim Manners were instrumental in educating Kripke about the entertainment industry. He looked up to them like a father, and Bobby Singer was born from them. But the name of the character has undergone several variations.

“[T]The character’s original name was “Bobby Manners”. But when the name passed due diligence, they said the real “Bobby Manners” lived in South Dakota. And if the legal department finds such things, you will have to change the name, Kripke said at the panel. “That’s why I made it a Singer. And Bob, to his eternal chagrin, was not there that day. And when he returned, he was all like: “What the hell is this ?!”. Those who have watched the credits of Supernatural already know that Bobby Singer’s character is named after the executive producer. The real Robert Singer will now forever bond with one of the show’s most significant characters.

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