Why Breaking Bad Fans Think Jimmy Sola Better Call Than Walt

In a post on the “Better Call Saul” subreddit page you/ganbgi bluntly stated: “Better call Saul than Breaking Bad.” While the reaction might have been different if the same opinion had been posted on the Breaking Bad page, fan reactions were mostly in agreement, saying that Jimmy McGill is simply a more dynamic character than Walter White.

Theorizing that much of what makes Walter interesting is due to his technical know-how, u/trade_tsunami wrote: “I realized that I like [“Better Call Saul”] better after watching again [“Breaking Bad”] because Jimmy/Saul is actually a much more interesting, complex and likable character than Walter White. The more I watch Breaking Bad, the more I find Walter to be a boring, one-dimensional egotist.” They continued by explaining that Jimmy is an easier character to root for because his motivation, despite leading to detrimental results, is driven by somewhat noble intentions. goals.

Making the contrast between Walt and Jimmy even clearer, u/WakeAndShake88 noted that Breaking Bad “takes a supposedly ‘good’ person and turns them into the worst”, whereas Jimmy is a ‘bad’ person who is constantly in danger of becoming perfectly decent.” Elsewhere in the thread you / walking turtle echoed this sentiment, noting that Better Call Saul is the more bombastic of the two shows and writing, “…it makes it so much more tragic that people who weren’t really all that bad ended up making bad ones.” things. to your own detriment.”

These fan comments are in line with what media outlets like New Yorker put. According to the publication, Walt was, despite his ostensible tale of transformation, a sociopath who needed the right trigger — in this case, his cancer diagnosis — to show his true colors. Meanwhile, Better Call Saul seems to be putting more effort into showing Jimmy’s transformation into Saul Goodman while still showing his positive traits as a person.

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