Why Building the Glass Bow Was Scarier for Rian Johnson Than The Last Jedi

During a recent interview with Los Angeles TimesRian Johnson spoke about his experience making the Knives Out sequel and how it was actually a scarier experience than The Last Jedi. “First of all, The Last Jedi was actually a full-fledged sequel, continuing the events of a movie that I didn’t write,” Johnson said. “At the same time, firstly, this is not even quite a continuation, it’s kind of like a different book, in fact, another mystery with the same detective story.”

Johnson also explained that “Knives Out” was more of a love affair, which he wasn’t sure if the audience would like or not, but was still something he wanted to do. However, after the success of this film, he had to create an entirely new story for the sequel, but still featuring Daniel Craig Benoist Blanc’s character. “So it was scary. I have never experienced such nervous experiences, as in fact, sitting down to write something, ”continued the screenwriter and director of Glass Bow. “I also spent 10 years planning Knives Out when I kind of started from scratch.”

It actually makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider that a movie like The Last Jedi already has so much lore and detail surrounding it that Johnson can draw from it, whereas Knives Out was entirely his own. creation. Trying to create a sequel to match or exceed the same quality is definitely a daunting prospect. Luckily, the film is doing well so far, as The Glass Bow has an 86% critical rating. rotten tomatoes at the time of this writing.

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