Why Craig Ferguson loved it when the writers were on “The Late Late Show”

Before deciding to terminate their powers for Late Late Show In 2014, comedian Craig Ferguson brought poignant and highly intelligent humor to what had previously been a little-watched and underrated show. While the show took a very different direction with host James Corden replacing the avant-garde comedic elements Ferguson brought in favor of a more overt celebrity addiction, Ferguson deserves credit for creating Late Late Show as popular as it is today.

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One thing Ferguson did and loved to do authors were invited as guests on his show… His list of honorary guests included Salman Rushdie, Neil Gaiman, John Irving and Anne Rice. Most late-night talk shows these days do not have many writers on the air, and if they do, they are usually celebrities who also write books, such as Emily Rataevski, who recently wrote a book and promoted it on Late Night with Seth Meyers… Ferguson was different from other nightly hosts, as you will read later in this article, and he himself is also a famous author… Ferguson maintained a once-revered tradition of late-night talk before leaving CBS. This is why Craig Ferguson loved having writers on Late late show.

6 Craig Ferguson is very literate

Many people don’t realize this, but Ferguson is incredibly smart and very well-read. In addition to being a writer himself, his stand-up performances are more perceived as one-man shows, making fun of everything about our society, including his fellow Hollywood celebrities. Ferguson is also a big history buff. After leaving late lateFerguson had a short-lived show on the History Channel called Join or die where he discussed strange aspects of American history. Ferguson is such a fan of history that he has the famous drawing of the American Revolution, designed by Benjamin Franklin, tattooed on his forearm. Interesting fact: Ferguson’s tattoo also reads “Join or Die.”


5 Craig Ferguson loved to make his show stand out from others

Ferguson knew he would come to the show with low ratings. late late does not air until almost 1:00 am. Not only that, he was relatively unknown before getting on the series, although he was working as a minor character in The Drew Carey Show… He played Nigel Wick, Drew’s drug addicted British boss, which is funny because Ferguson is a pretty famous Scotsman. Both shows were known for being more popular than traditional talk shows and sitcoms, with bizarre snippets such as occasional musical parodies and talking skeletons (see below). Having writers on his show has added a distinctive quality to it.

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4 Craig Ferguson hates Hollywood indulgence

Watch the Fegursons get up in a special way Small revolution and you will see that while his job was to interview celebrities, he was not the type to be a Hollywood fake like other presenters, for example, as some accuse his successor James Corden of being opportunistic pimp. In the routine, Ferguson is very outspoken about not being “friends” with other celebrities from his former network. Ferguson is also very blunt about how some celebrities need to “shut up about things they don’t know anything about!” These were his exact words about Tom Cruise’s conflicting statements about mental illness. Unlike some modern talk show hosts and interviewers, no one can accuse Ferguson of pandering.

3 This is a dying art on talk shows

For some reason, authors appear less and less on late-night talk shows. An interesting turn of events because they were once a staple for invited guests. Before Conan cut his show down to half an hour, his guests were one celebrity, a second guest who was usually a director, writer, or up-and-coming comedian, and a comedy or musical number that needed to be finished. It was a general formula that all later shows followed because it was a model set by one of the best talk show hosts that ever lived.

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2 This is a tribute to the late Johnny Carson

The above formula was the formula established by Johnny Carson, the oldest host Evening show… Carson enjoyed hosting not only celebrities and comedians, but also the writers and personalities of all kinds who were making headlines in American news at the time. Even Martin Luther King Jr. showed up on Evening show repeatedly. Carson also had the privilege of befriending and interviewing great American authors such as Stephen King, Truman Capote, and Steve Allen, who was also a popular contemporary talk show host during the Carson era. Allen also had several writers on his show, most notably Jack Kerouac.

one Because why not !?

Ferguson, always a rebel, had one of the least desirable timeslots for the show. After midnight is not the best time for online viewers, and Ferguson was already one of the few to get out of trouble in order to make his show stand out from the rest, like his partner Jeff Peterson, an animatronic skeleton in suit. In other words, he could do whatever he wanted and, being a smart writer, he wanted to interview writers. It’s been a long time since the writer impressed the world enough to become a celebrity, and perhaps soon we’ll see writers brighten up the stage with Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon. Evening show again.

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