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Why did Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone break up?

ONE of Hollywood’s favorite couples ended their romance in 2015 after a four-year relationship.

Actors Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are known to have dated while working on the Amazing Spider-Man franchise and have remained close since then.


Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield started dating in 2011.

Why did Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone break up?

For four years, Andrew Garfield, 38, and Emma Stone, 33, were one of the golden couples in Hollywood.

The stars began dating in 2011 while working on The Amazing Spider-Man, where they played the love interests of Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Gwen Stacy.

The romance lasted four years and ended in October 2015, a year after the release of their last Spider-Man film together, The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

While the couple did not publicly announce the reason for their split, the source said it was most likely due to the distance.

At the time, Garfield was filming his film Silence in Taiwan and, according to an insider, “was in a dark place for several months,” while Emma was in Los Angeles for the Golden Globes and Oscars after her role in Birdman “.

A the source told people in April 2015: “They are simply bribed for work. They are both busy with their careers and have not seen each other. “

The couple “remained very close” after the breakup, breaking off on good terms.

In 2021, Garfield confirmed that he and Stone remained friends.

“It was just beautiful,” Garfield said, looking back at the Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

“I need to meet Emma and work with her and Sally Field.”

Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal revealed in an interview that she warned Garfield and Stone not to date each other after Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst split up in the middle of the Spider-Man movie.

“It might just complicate things, you know? And they all ignored me. “

Did the former couple have children?

Garfield and Stone, who have been dating for more than four years, did not have children and were not engaged.

But a source close to the former couple confirmed that at some point they were thinking about a wedding.

According to the source, before the couple took a hiatus due to their busy schedule, they “privately discussed the marriage.”

Who are they dating now?

In 2017, two years after her split with Garfield, Stone began dating Saturday Night Live director Dave McCarey.

McCary proposed in December 2019, and the couple secretly got married in 2020 after they had to postpone their wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Emma gave birth to her first child with her husband on March 13, 2021.

The actress named her little daughter Louise Jean McCary after her grandmother Jean-Louise.

As for Andrew Garfield, it was rumored in November 2021 that he was dating model Alyssa Miller.

The two were spotted in New York holding hands.

Alyssa has modeled for brands such as Guess, La Perla and Elie Tahari and appeared in the 2011 Vogue and Sports Illustrated swimwear edition.

She has also been romantically involved with Spider-Man: Far From Home actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

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