Why did Billy Ray Cyrus hate Hannah Montana?

Although Hannah Montana first aired her final episode more than a decade ago at the time of this writing, the show and its star Miley Cyrus Continue to build an amazingly loyal fan base. To prove it, you just have to take a look at this fact. When Miley Cyrus wore a Hannah Montana shirt on stage at Summer Fest, social media went crazy..

Of course, just because Hannah Montana fans keep praising the series doesn’t mean that those involved in making the series have to love it. In fact, based on what Billy Ray Cyrus once said about Hannah Montana, it is clear that she hated the series at the time. Of course, this raises a clear question, why would Billy Ray have trouble with the series he starred in for years?

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Cat Ray’s mental state.

In 2011, Billy Ray Cyrus sat down for an interview with GQ Magazine. In that particular moment of his life, it was very clear that Billy Ray was having a very difficult time, to say the least. However, Miley Cyrus’ illicit substance use was in the headlines, Billy Ray was in the midst of a dirty divorce, and his record company decided to postpone his music return plan.

With all of this in mind, it’s no surprise that Billy Ray Cyrus found himself in a dark state of mind during the aforementioned interview. Still, I was shocked to read an interview in which Billy Ray expressed his belief that he and his family were in the Devil’s Cross Harris. Talking about his family’s decision to live and work in Los Angeles, Billy Ray took a biblical picture of what it means for the Cyrus tribe.

“Driving to work every day in the city of angels was a sign.” He could easily say, ‘Now the devil will attack you.’ “Entering this industry, you are now on the road to darkness. “I think we are right now. No doubt. No doubt.”

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Hannah Montana Heater.

After talking about the war he believed his family was fighting against the devil in a 2011 GQ interview, Billy Ray Cyrus continued the show that made Miley Cyrus a star. Unfortunately for fans of the show everywhere, say this. There were negative things about Billy Ray and how Hannah Montana affected her family. That’s a huge estimate.

Billy Ray Cyrus began by saying that “Hannah Montana_ has probably brought together so many families – not just one …”, was asked if he wanted the show to never happen. “I hate to say it, but yes, I do. Yes, I will get it back in a second. To be with my family and everyone to be well, safe and healthy and happy and normal. So, that would be great. Heck, yes, if I could, I’d delete it all in a second. ”

Of course, before Hannah Montana brought it back to light, most people remembered Billy Ray Cyrus only as the boy who had a hit song, “Achi Breake Heart”. With that in mind, it’s pretty clear that Billy Ray hated Hannah Montana when she spoke to GQ because it’s really something to cut off the hand of a celebrity who eats like that. However, given the fact. Miley Cyrus talks about the dark side of playing Hannah Montana. In the past, it’s hard to argue against Billy Ray, who is angry with the series.

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Fear of a father.

When Billy Ray Cyrus expressed his belief that Hannah Montana destroyed his family during a 2011 GQ interview, he spoke of the path he feared his daughter at the time. Was going down Surprisingly, Billy Ray compared what happened in Miley Cyrus’ life in 2011 to people like Kurt Cobain, Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson. From there, Billy Ray made it clear that he wanted to help Shepherd Millie through this period of his life.

“I’m scared of her. There are a lot of people around her who are putting her in a lot of danger. I know she’s 18 but I still feel like my father, I want to help. Take care of it a little bit, at least get it out of danger. ”

What Billy Ray Cyrus said about Hannah Montana and the situation she felt that her daughter Miley was due to work in the series in 2011, her current decision on the series is astonishing. However, speaking to Hollywood Life in early 2020, Billy Ray said there’s been talk of a Hannah Montana prequel and he “will do it in a heartbeat.”.

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This is Hannah Montana’s character Miley Cyrus who was originally auditioned.

According to reports, Miley Cyrus was so notable during her original audition that the producers changed their minds about her.

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