Why did Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellogger end their amazing marriage?

Of course, Renee Zell has a dating history. Met with some very potential suspects.. But for everyone who is following the actress. From his days on ‘Bridget Jones Diary’ It is clear that Zellwegger does not really have the “type”.

Because in 2005, he married country singer Kenny Chesney, who at the time was better known in some quarters than his wife. But the biggest reason for the duo’s fans to be surprised was that they parted ways that year.

However, instead of the actual divorce, both were annulled. Following the news, both sides of the former couple spoke in interviews to clear the air. so why What Did they come together after such a short time?

Kenny and Renee had been married for four months.

Kenny Chesney and Renee Zelluger were married in May, and were due to go to divorce court by September. Of course, he. What See you in January, so maybe their relationship was longer than the tabloids.

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Still, a four-month marriage isn’t much, but why did the couple rush into marriage just to get out of it? Although some may suspect that Renee was doing this, since her relationship list is not only longer than Kenny’s but also much more common, Kenny seems to admit that it was her fault that They were divided.

Kenny Chesney said he was not married.

Sources confirm this. Was Renee “insisted” on a revocation rather than a divorce, but that was not the case when the two separated and their court papers became public. Apparently, Renee checked the “Fraud” box as the reason for the cancellation, and media speculation intensified after the information was released.

But later in Kenny. Interview For CBS, he explained that he and Renee thought that choosing the “least harmful” item was “fraudulent” because it was broad and did not specify any specific action or behavior. Was gone Other options on the form? “Silent mind,” “power,” or “physical incompetence.”

But the singer maintained that this was not the case. Cheating At the wedding. Instead, he suggested, “it was just cheating that I thought I knew what it was like, and I really understood what it was like to get married. And I didn’t really do that.”

Did Kenny Chesney throw Renee Zelluger?

Half of the former couple did not specifically say who wants to end the marriage. In fact, they’ve done a great job of making each other look good. But based on Kenny’s comments, and the fact that Renee has previously suggested that he didn’t really care what the paperwork says, but just wanted it to be done, fans say That it was Chesney’s move that ended the whole thing.

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