Why did ‘Ten Mom’ star Calvin Lori file a lawsuit against Brianna de Jesus?

wherever. Teenage Mom 2. Stars Calvin Lori And with Brianna de Jesus, the drama never seems to be far behind. Although the two women have been arguing with different people since they gained fame on MTV, their biggest rivals seem to be each other. Lowry and De Jesus have got something. Epic exhibition Both online and in person, since Jesus joined the cast. Teenage Mom 2. In 2017.

Recently, Lori has resorted to filing a defamation suit against Diggis. But how did it happen? Teenage Mom 2. The stars arrived at this place? Read on to find out when Lori and DeJesus started arguing and why Lori felt the need to sue DeJesus in 2021.

Brianna de Jesus joins the cast of ‘Ten Mom 2’

Drama between Teenage Mom 2. Co-stars Callen Lowry and Brianna De Jesus made their debut when De Jesus was asked to join the current cast. The original cast included Lori. Janelle Evans, Chelsea, and Leah. The original four girls. Teenage Mom 2. The series began shooting in 2011. In 2017, DJs, a former. Teenage Mom 3. The star was asked to join the cast of Season 8. Teenage Mom 2. After all, Brianna was not welcomed by her peers.

That same year, Brianna joined the cast. Teenage Mom 2.Calvin was in the midst of a dirty divorce with her husband, Javier Marrokin. Even before the divorce was finalized, both Kellen and Javi were watching each other. In the case of Javanese, he was watching and talking to many people. In September 2017., Teen mother 2. Fans saw Marrokin and De Jesus become very angry on Twitter. So, of course, Lori wasn’t happy when she caught a glimpse of what’s going on between her new cast mate and her soon-to-be ex-husband.

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Things are hot between Javanese and Brianna

Things got worse and worse between Brianna and Kellyn when Javi and Brianna started appearing in public together. In October 2017, Marrokin explained his relationship with Dagestan. the people., “We are dating. We’ve been friends for a while, and we weren’t in a hurry. Lori didn’t take the news well, tweeting from her Twitter account, “Don’t go where you eat.” Lori made this statement. Teenage Mom 2. The rating has dropped since Brianna joined the cast.

Brianna and Javanese go on a family trip with all the children.

In the same month, Javi and Brianna made their relationship official, traveling the family with all their children. At the time, it included Javi’s son Lincoln Marrokin and former stepson Isaac Rivera, as well as Brianna’s two daughters Nova and Stella de Jesus. The couple took all their children on a fun tour of Disney World. The trip only added fuel to the fire of de Jesus and Lori as Javi failed to tell Calvin that he intended to meet Brianna and his girls while they took their boys on vacation.

After several months in the last half of 2017, social media officially became the battleground for Calvin and Brianna. The two spent the better parts of 2017 and 2018 in hot exchanges on Twitter and Instagram. In late 2017, de Jesus also posted a private text exchange between Lori and Marrokin on his Twitter account. Unfortunately, things did not stop there. DeJesus posted pictures with Marquin on his Instagram with #Kevin. In response, Lori posted on Twitter with the response, “#more time with my son.”

A series of hair pulls in the reunion of ‘Ten Mom 2’.

After several months online between de Jesus and Lori, the two women finally meet face to face. Teenage Mom 2. The reunion drama began in earnest in mid-2018, with Lori and De Jesus finally in the same physical position. Allegedly, Lori asked to meet De Jesus and stay away from the cameras. While De Jesus refused, he then tried to fight Lori with the help of his sister Britney De Jesus. Teenage Mom 2. Reunion Although no punches were thrown, there was a lot of screaming and hair pulling on the seat. Both Lori and De Jesus acted recklessly during the fight, trying to physically fight with the rest of their teammates on stage, including the pregnant Chelsea Hosca.

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Brianna looks at Kelly’s new baby, Daddy, Chris Lopez.

But after their physical quarrel. Teenage Mom 2. Reunion, things just seem to get worse between Lori and De Jesus. As soon as the relationship between Javi and Brianna ended, the two women still found things to fight for, including Chris Lopez, the father of Lori’s new baby. Lopez Lori is the father of two youngest sons, Lux, born in 2017, and Creed, born in 2020. According to Lopez, Brianna told her fans on Twitter in late 2018 that Lopez was physically abusive and that Lowry was choosing a man. Protecting her children

Callen began talking to Brianna’s baby daddy, Devine Austin.

Although the fence between Lori and De Jesus has never been fixed, their feud seems to have cooled from 2019 to 2020. Devon Austin earlier this year. Lori asked Devon, the father of Nova de Jesus, Brianna’s eldest daughter, to come to the podcast with Lindsay Crisley. Coffee conferences..

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Calvin filed a defamation suit against Brianna

Of course, De Jesus was no less happy with the interaction between Lori and Austin, which led to more drama. In late 2020, Lori was arrested on charges of assaulting Chris Lopez. When this information was not included in the current season. Teen mom 2, De Jesus expressed his hatred on social media.

De Jesus also told. Celebuzz“As Nail is sitting in the show while legally filming about the choice of wallpaper color. She can film a domestic abuse situation. With Chris I was told she was trying to hide. Ultimately, de Jesus’ latest comments prompted Lori to file a defamation suit against him.

Will Calvin and Brianna’s feud ever end?

Lowry’s lawsuit against de Jesus was formally filed in June 2021. the people., Lori defamation suit. Allegedly, DeJesus made false statements aimed at harming Lowry. In those statements, de Jesus claimed that Lori physically assaulted Chris Lopez and broke into his mother’s home. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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