Why do all the participants of the “Wheel of Fortune” always look the same height

Wheel of Fortune began as the brainchild of Merv Griffin in 1975. Chuck Woolery was the host and Susan Stafford turned the letters. But in 1981, Woolery left due to a salary dispute. Shortly thereafter, Stafford also left, having made a huge life change to work with cancer patients instead of staying in show business. Get into their skin? The Wheels of Fortune hosts are best known to us: Pat Sajak and Vanna White.

Since our focus here is on height, it makes sense to mention them. Sayaka is 5 feet 10 inches tall. White reaches 5 feet 6 inches, but that’s without heels. And if you pay attention, you remember that White always wears heels on the show. She can change them just like her outfits, avoiding repetition (except once), but she always staggers on her toes. Her career secrets in heels: combination slippers whenever she’s offscreen and carefully selected platforms when enabled. “Guessing makes good ones,” she said. Today. “They are high heels, but they have a 2″ platform in front, so it feels like you’re walking in 3″ heels instead of 5″. I probably have more Guess shoes than anyone else.”

When White is in heels, she’s at eye level with Sayak – and that’s the whole point. But not for the reason you might think.

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