Why do Cardi B and Cuban Doll have beef?

CARDI B and Cuban Doll renewed their feud on Twitter.

The correspondence appears to have started on January 8, when a fan account tweeted that Cuban uploaded a snapshot of Nicki Minaj to her Instagram Stories, implying that Minaj was the inspiration for Cuban’s leopard-print costume in a music video she is releasing.


Cuban Doll and Cardi B got into an argument in 2018.

Why do Cardi B and Cuban Doll have beef?

In 2018, according to Cuban, she and Offset were together while he was in a relationship with Cardi.

After Cuban Doll tweeted a selfie of herself from filming a Saturday night video, their internet feud erupted.

According to Cuban Doll, the outfit was influenced by Nicki Minaj, whom Cardi is competing with.

After one of her fan accounts retweeted Cuban Doll’s line about Nicki Minaj, Cardi B posted and deleted, “Ask me why they hate me … It’s cool, everyone who has ever hated has never succeeded. “

The Cuban replied: “Girl Sdfu !!!!! We never had a problem when you tweeted that shit about me … me and you weren’t cool because you tried to fuck me. ” Then, right after Cardi told her not to “play the victim.”

Cardi dismissed the victim’s claims, claiming that the Cuban was the first to start the fight.

What else did the Cuban doll and Cardi B say to each other?

When Cardi uploaded images of two already deleted tweets from Cuban that seem to hint at Cardi’s previous marital issues with Offset, Cuban replied, “I pray that a man won’t marry me just to cheat on me.

“This is the next level of OD DISRESPECT,” Cuban wrote.

Cuban then called Cardi a “bully” who criticized her for her clothes.

Cardi explained that her annoyance was due to comments about infidelity and her inspiration, not the leopard dress.

“It was never about the clothes I never shaded,” rapper Bodak Yellow tweeted along with some screenshots… “You posted these two tweets and then deleted them, and now you are talking about how I mocked you?”

Cardi then questioned Cuban’s claims that Offset wanted to sleep with her, going so far as to demand a receipt, and then said it was “clear” that the exchange “hit the nerve because it made your little Twitter go over poppin “.

Cuban did not respond to Cardi’s recent tweets and deleted some of her own.

Cardi B is currently married to Offset


Cardi B is currently married to OffsetCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Who is a Cuban Doll?

Cuban Doll, social media personality and musician, was born on May 12, 1998. The audience responded well to the video clips of her songs on YouTube and other sites.

Since most of her friends were rappers, the Dallas, Texas native was interested in singing and rap.

She used to listen to Aaliyah and Chief Keef, and despite spending a lot of time with rappers, she didn’t get into the genre until 2017.

Cuban began recording her tracks in 2017. Two of her songs, Bankrupt and Transportin, were popular with the general public, and another, Let It Blow, has more than 7.7 million views on YouTube.

Jonathan Nweke, Molly Brazi and Tado are some of the social media personalities Kubin has collaborated with.

She has also been embroiled in several altercations, including with Asian Doll, in which they verbally abused each other on social media, and her 2018 feud with Cardi B over Offset.

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