Why do fans think Laurie Harvey is pregnant?

RUMORS began spreading about the potential pregnancy of Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter after she uploaded the story to Instagram.

Laurie Harvey, 24, has made a name for herself apart from her family’s fame as a model and Instagram influencer.


Laurie Harvey called her boyfriend Michael B. Jordan “little daddy” in her Instagram story.

Laurie Harvey pregnant?

Social media caught fire after Laurie Harvey posted a photo of her story with her boyfriend Michael B. Jordan, 34, on January 2.

The influencer and model on Instagram congratulated their subscribers on the New Year, calling Jordan her “daddy.”

The couple kept their relationship relatively quiet, but celebrated their anniversary in November.

However, in April, Jordan spoke to People about his relationship with Harvey, which was made public in February 2021.

“I’m still private and I want to protect it, but it felt like it was the moment I just wanted to talk about it and move on,” he said, adding, “I’m very happy.”

Harvey and Jordan have not confirmed whether they expect the cryptic Instagram post or elaborate on it.

Where did the term “little daddy” come from?

It is widely believed that the phrase “little daddy” originated in Jamaica from the terms “father-child” and “mother-child” and was first cited in the Kingston Daily Gleaner in 1966.

Peter L. Patrick, linguist professor said Slate in 2006, the term “little daddy” was most likely Jamaican-Creole, pronounced biebifaada and biebimada.

Patrick said the term “would definitely mean that there is no marriage – not even a civil marriage – but rather that the child is an ‘outsider’ child.”

Jamaican reggae performer Linval Thompson probably brought this phrase to the US in 1981 with his song Baby Mother.

However, the term was not widely adopted in the United States until the mid-90s, when R&B artists adopted it.

When the song Outkast, Ms. Jackson became the leader of the charts in 2000, the term gained popularity and became a reference to how a single man becomes a father.

Laurie Havei posted a New Year's photo with her boyfriend Michael B. Jordan.


Laurie Havei posted a New Year’s photo with her boyfriend Michael B. Jordan.Credit: Instagram / @loriharvey

Who is Laurie Harvey?

Harvey was born in Memphis, Tennessee and raised in Atlanta and Chicago.

She is the stepdaughter of Family Feud host Steve Harvey and the daughter of Steve Harvey’s third wife, Marjorie Bridges.

Her mom met Steve Harvey in 1990, and he reportedly adopted Harvey after he and her mother got married.

Harvey originally wanted to become a professional rider, but due to injury she was unable to compete.

But at the young age of 13, Harvey discovered a beauty craving in herself as her mom was gearing up for events.

“I sit and watch and ask the makeup artist questions,” she said. fashion in 2018. “Then I went to my bathroom and tried to recreate this image.”

She eventually became a model in her first fashion show in 2017 for the Dolce & Gabbana catwalk.

Beyond modeling, Harvey has become an Instagram influencer with 4.1 million followers.

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