Why do Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell have beef?

NAOMI Campbell and Tyra Banks are two very famous models who paved the way for other women in the entertainment industry.

However, the models allegedly have been at war since the 90s.


Campbell and Banks have been feuding since the 90s.

Why do Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell have beef?

The feud began when Banks said that Campbell, whom she said had idolized as a black woman trying to break into the modeling profession for years, was not nice to her when she first started.

In a 2019 interview with Banks open to people stating that in the early days of her career, six modeling agencies in Los Angeles abandoned her, but she was taken to seventh place in Paris on the Skavlan talk show.

Banks said she was accepted into the industry, but not without difficulty.

“I got to Paris and it was very difficult. I did it very quickly, but then the industry said, “Oh, watch out for Naomi Campbell, here’s Tyra Banks! So Naomi Campbell, sit your ass. “

“It was unfair to Naomi, but her response was … still I’m very afraid of her,” Banks said. “It was very difficult – like some of the hardest times in my life – to deal with it.”

While Banks agreed that it was unfair to both women, she considered the supermodel’s frigid attitude overwhelming.

In an interview Wall street journal in 2019, Banks said, “I walked home at night and cried because the woman I was looking at just didn’t seem to want me to be there. And she did everything in her power to make me leave. … “

In 2005, Banks asked Campbell on the Tyra Banks Show to sort out their differences. Banks said it was a lovely day since she finally made up with Campbell at the end of their conversation.

Campbell told Elle in 2013 that despite bumping into each other, supermodels found common ground through shared experiences.

“I am proud of her as a woman of color,” she said. “She gave the girls the opportunity, and God bless her.”

However, their dispute resumed in 2016 when Campbell shared the article this showed that Banks was a “real bad girl.”

Banks faced serious allegations for her behavior on America’s Next Top Model, including painting models with a black face and scene in show competition this portrayed Banks assuming that the member should not be openly gay.

What is Naomi Campbell’s net worth?

Naomi Campbell’s fortune is estimated at $ 80 million. Celebrity Net Worth

She is a British model and actress who was discovered when she was 15 years old and went on to become one of the most successful and well-paid supermodels in history.

In the late 1980s and 1990s, it was in high demand.

Campbell is also a performer, releasing an R&B-pop album, appearing in films and television series, and participating in a number of humanitarian projects throughout her career.

Banks invited Campbell to the Tyra Banks Show to talk about his differences in 2005.


Banks invited Campbell to the Tyra Banks Show to talk about his differences in 2005.Credit: Alami

What is Tyra Banks’ net worth?

The banks have an estimated net worth of $ 90 million. Celebrity Net Worth

She is an American actress, singer, model and entrepreneur who made her fortune in television despite starting out as a model.

Banks’ success as a model allowed her to expand and made several television appearances.

Her first television role was as Jackie Ames in The Fresh Prince of Belair, where she played a total of seven times.

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