Why does Calvin Lori’s youngest son Romelo Lopez-Lori have Instagram?

Ever since she became pregnant with her first child as a teenage mother, Calvin Lori has been in the spotlight. Thanks to MTV, its second, third, And The fourth pregnancy was also widely publicized.

Not only that, but her relationship has always been of interest to fans. Most people know that Kelly had her first son Isaac with her ex-boyfriend and second son Lincoln with her ex-husband Javi.

Then, Kellen had two more sons, Lux in 2017 and Kurd in 2020. Unfortunately, Kelly and her sons’ father, Chris Lopez, did not stay together forever. Drama with her ex-husband’s ex (And fellow ‘ten mom’ personality) Brianna de Jesus aside, Kellen had ongoing problems with her lower profile ex and the baby’s father.

How much is the father of Kellen’s children involved in his life?

She has revealed on several occasions how difficult it is to be a co-parent with Chris Lopez, especially when she apparently chooses not to be active in the lives of her two sons, but also to take care of the business on her own. Is doing Social media proves it

In fact, the headlines allege that he attacked Chris after an argument that she cut Lux’s hair without Kellen’s (or Lux’s) consent. The lawyer informed That the former teenage mother (still) was in full custody of both children.

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Judging by her social media posts, Kellen Lori is definitely a very active parent to her four children, although she shares the custody of Isaac and Lincoln with their respective fathers. But is there anything more interesting about her life with four boys? They all have Instagram accounts.

For older children, this may make sense. But does Cred Romelo Lori-Lopez, who is barely over a year old, really need an IG?

Why do Kellen’s kids have Instagram accounts?

Kellen herself is all over the social media, and she often shares her life and behind-the-scenes moments with her teens. But she regularly tags her children through their Instagram accounts.

Now, of course, the mother of four keeps a close eye on the accounts, and the profiles indicate that she manages her children’s social media. The question is, why do her kids need Instagram, and wouldn’t most famous mothers want to keep their children’s privacy as much as possible?

Fellow teen mother. Chelsea de Boer, for one, leave the ‘teenage mother’ Partly to give his twin daughter Oberoi more privacy and the family explained, to be normal. And since Kellen’s eldest son, Oberoi (he is a year younger), is approaching age, fans suspect that the same could happen to Lori’s family.

But it seems Kellen wants her children to have social media accounts, it’s not clear yet. Why.

A possible explanation for the presence of IG of faith?

There is no denying that Calvin Lori is very smart in his business endeavors. The reality TV personality runs podcasts, sells hair care products, has written several best-selling books, and even owns a business with his first son’s stepmother.

Clearly, she has a reason to stay on social media, and involving her children in it only supports many of her efforts. In addition, as fans can see, she also raps her children’s brand Colab, Yes Baby Goods Cal Lori Collection on Kerd Romelo Lopez Lori’s Instagram page, reedcreedlowrylopez.

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Isaac’s Instagram, isaacelliottr, links to Calvin’s blog on YouTube, but an episode about which she says the boys did it themselves.

Seven-year-old Lincoln’s page inclincmarroquin has a link to Color Entertainment in Bio, which claims to offer services such as brand recognition, brand management, social media monetization, and influence marketing, among other services.

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And Lux, a preschooler, has an IG account (xluxrlowry) that links to Isaac’s page from the same Vlog from YouTube.

Yes, this is one. Very Social media noise but the main thing is that all of Kellen’s social accounts are interconnected, and give him some marketing opportunities. The thing is, it doesn’t seem to be at the expense of her children.

Kellen also has memories for her children at IG.

With 24/7 media coverage, it’s kind of smart that Kellen opened an Instagram account for her kids. After all, if They No, it could be someone else. As such, she is taking ownership of her children’s names and online presence.

She also has fond memories for all her children on each of her Instagram (and is sharing lots of cute snapshots of the brothers together).

She can’t completely wrap up their lives (she and her predecessors Joe and Javie, and Javie’s ex-Lauren, are all ‘ten mom’ alum), but Kellen Can Control some of the narrative for your kids – and help them learn to use social media as they get older.

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Calvin Lori is gay.
‘Ten Mom 2’ star Kellen Lori: Timeline of all her relationships.

She is the mother of three sons from three different “baby daddies”.

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