Why don’t some fans here believe that Juden Smith is gay?

When Juden Smith first announced that Tyler Khaliq was her boyfriend, fans were horrified. At first, the audience thought they might be joking. But over time, Jaden reiterated that Tyler was her boyfriend, even though the artist herself. The relationship between the rumors was never confirmed..

But it wasn’t just that announcement and the hub that followed. Fans are asking whether Juden Smith is actually gay.. There are a few other factors that can confuse fans. But some believe that there is no way to be gay for certain reasons.

Fans say Judd has only given a certain kind of history

To put it bluntly, fans claim that Juden Smith’s only relationship – good, confirmed relationships – has been with “white girls.” This is not to say that he is not open to dating anyone else, but that he has a publicized relationship. Young people like Kylie Jenner Fans say they do not really support the public announcement.

If Smith. Is As with any boy, no one knows about it, and most agree that Tyler has never been romantically involved with the creator Jaden. if they WasHe seems reluctant to acknowledge it publicly.

Fans think Juden Smith wants to be fast.

Thinking about Juden Smith’s overall public image, some. The fans think That the actor is less likely to be gay and more likely to be deliberately “sharp”.

They point to things like Jaden modeling for a women’s clothing ad, and she wears the usual dresses and skirts. While none of this adds to Juden’s homosexuality, or bizarre, or anything else, they do suggest that he tends to break gender norms and other socially imposed boundaries. ۔

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It may have good intentions, but overall, these weird features are only confusing to fans who want to know if Jaden really supports the LGBTQ + community, or if he’s just a goal. Trying to get attention.

Some people say that Jude is fine.

Some critics say Jeddah is “bullying” and “pending” for homosexuals. While discussing Jeddah’s own wardrobe and the rainbow on social media, some commentators thought Jeddah was deliberately using traditional gay symbols to draw attention to himself.

Moreover, critics seem to agree that Judden only says what he thinks will influence public opinion in a certain way. One summed up the problem by saying, “Yeah, he just swears.” [he’s gay] Feeling different and “open minded” and “advanced”.

Some even suggested that his sister, Willow, had a similar mindset. Saying and doing things that will become a poster child for “alternative” communities and lifestyles will shape her image.

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Willow also apparently claims to be two-way, and while critics say she’s only ever been seen with a boyfriend, it’s fair to speculate based on her behavior or her partners. do not have. The people.

Behind the scenes, no one really knows what Jaden or Willow thinks, or who they’re meeting or who they’re attracted to. Also, their publicly appearing partners are not necessarily indicative of their trends or lifestyle choices کچھ some critics And The fans forget

Still, critics have a lot of opinions, and they’re not wrong to say that thinking about the bizarre community is something that could potentially help an artist’s career. “It sells,” he noted.

Not everyone thinks Jude is lying about being gay.

Some fans still think Jude is gay, mostly because of the symbols he appears in every time he releases music, posts on Instagram or poses for a modeling shoot.

For many, the use of jade flowers, the depiction of a rainbow, and the traditionally “feminine” symbols are enough for them to agree that they Is Homosexual, regardless of what happened (or didn’t happen) to Tyler Creator.

Jeddah, for one, seems to be leaving everyone to read between the lines – because he never officially said “I’m gay” or said he “came out.” Although these two things are against his whole personality. He is doing what He wants, the way He wants.

It all depends on the reaction of the fans, from those who think that Rainbow is saying this to those who say that not confirming Tyler’s reported relationship means more.

And there is the question of Jaden’s creative plans. In a music video, he is bent over for a kiss (Smuch doesn’t appear in the movie itself, maybe not) that appears with another boy. Then, he appeared in a movie with Cara Delevingne, who played the role of his romantic interest …

Most importantly, it doesn’t matter if Jaden is gay or not, because he keeps breaking boundaries and starts talking about gender, self-expression and other issues – and maybe people. He wants to talk to everyone. What.

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