Why fans are angry about Daniel Julius J. Smith Jr.’s relationship with Sky Jackson.

Although Sky Jackson never hesitates to share updates about her life with her fans, she has remained quite quiet about her rumored relationship with Julius Smith as news of their romance – to some extent – in recent months. Has become public information.

While Sky is a Disney star. with $ 500,000 net worth., Julius Solang is the son and nephew of Knowles. Beyonc And J.Z. However, although not many details are known about Sky and Julius’ relationship, such as when it actually started or ended, Julius allegedly took the worst turn after confirming this in an Instagram question and answer session. Assuming that both were no longer on better terms. .

Sky Jackson accuses Julius Smith of fraud

Accounting in the City also shared a screenshot of Julius via social media, allegedly from Sky, where he said, “I don’t like what other people say. Do … and his personality, and his ego is huge; he needs to come. [down] Back to earth. ”

Almost at the same time when all this information was coming to light, a series. Screen shots went viral in which Sky accused him of fraud.. In the same group chat, Julius can be seen admitting that he allegedly slept with Sky and then “got him addicted and then quit” and after claiming that he cheated. Has “ruined his life”.

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Another in the group chat seemed surprised by their age difference, as Sky was 19 and Julius was only 16, to which Julius quickly replied, “Age doesn’t matter.”

Leaked DM

A separate DM series between Julius and another man is also circulating on social media, where Julius appears to be getting hot when an unknown person texting him says, “You’ve done something else, let’s see. “My aunt is Beyonc ،, you really think I’m going to sue, guess what,” says the judge, referring to what Julius does in a series of messages.

While many people on social media are sharing this series of DMs saying that it is between Julius and Sky, the actress actually said on Lurking In The City’s Instagram in response to the re-posting of these DMs. “These messages are not with me. Thank you. Please do not spread false information.”

Video leaks showing deep moments between them.

Although the various DMs and group messages have not yet been confirmed, nor has it been confirmed that the claimants were Julius, the situation has deteriorated since then. “Sky Jackson” started trending on Twitter. Following an alleged leak, a video of the couple’s intimacy circulated on the Internet and a photo of the couple was shared online, with many rushing to point to the Disney Channel. Like The poster behind Sky, which sat on Julius’ shoulders, pointed to the fact that it was possibly taken to her home.

Sky Jackson’s secret message.

Sky has not yet spoken publicly about allegations of fraud or rumors that he and Julius were in a relationship. Still, fans noticed that he disabled his comments on Instagram and Tweeted a secret message. Saying, “You live, and you learn. Don’t look back, just move on. I love you guys.”

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Hollywood Unlock also shared a quote post that Sky shared on her Instagram stories that read, “People have to pretend you’re a bad person, so they’re done with it.” Don’t feel guilty for your actions. ”

Fans react to scandal

Fans then protested behind Sky, accusing Julius of seeking revenge and urging people not to search for the video online. One user tweeted, “Solenge’s son Julius Smith posted Sky Jackson’s revenge p ** n? What in the world?”

Others are urging Twitter to remove anything related to either side, as one fan wrote, “w Twitter doesn’t really know what needs to be done, but I highly recommend Sky Jackson And temporarily disable anything with Julius Smith. Sharing these kids’ videos like a breaking news section, and honestly, I’m bored. ”

Regardless of who leaked the footage, another person pointed out that this is not an “easy” time for anyone involved, especially considering Julius’ famous family ties, he said. “Obviously, Julius Smith and Sky Jackson have a hard time too. The fact that mistakes are an important part of life’s journey is unfortunate, but let’s not make it difficult for both of them.”

There are many facets to every story, and at this point, nothing has been confirmed or denied, so it’s important that fans give Sky and Julius the privacy they need to navigate this unfortunate situation. Is. However, it is important to note that it is never okay to share someone’s private or intimate footage online. Fans hope that this serious issue will be resolved as needed.

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