Why fans think the BBC’s Sherlock ending ruined the show

On the r/television subreddit, u/ShuckForJustice was asked, “What TV show did you enjoy that ended so badly that it retroactively ruined/changed your experience of the show?” The comment with the most votes provided a pretty clear answer. “Sherlock. It’s just hard for me to think about the series without thinking about that terrible ending,” he said. you / dantestolemiwife.

In the season 4 finale of Sherlock, Holmes’ younger brother, Eurus (Sean Brook), is revealed to be alive and mentally unstable after years in the island’s prison. When she forces Sherlock, Watson and Mycroft (Mark Gatiss) to fight for their lives in one sadistic game after another, the heroes are pushed to their limits.

“They obviously stopped fucking right after the Reichenbach Fall. another user weighed. “When they basically dismantled all the online theories and then didn’t confirm at all how Sherlock survived.” Although Sherlock miraculously survived his fall from a skyscraper in Season 2, the writers never confirmed how he did it, instead offering several possible theories themselves in the Season 3 premiere.

Other users chimed in to confirm that the season 2 finale was the highlight of the show for them. “Yes, after the Reichenbach fall I checked out,” said u/TheRealDrSarcasmo “Before this, the show was great.” It’s an unfortunate blow to the show’s legacy that so many fans were disappointed with how it continued past season 2 and ended in season 4. However, with the possibility of a fifth season of Sherlock in the works, the show could live on to provide an even more satisfying ending.

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