Why I Waited Until Now to Speak About Robin Thicke

That aspect of things. One day after quoting his forthcoming book, My body, Was published by Sunday Times of London., Emily Ratajkowski. Is Talking about his claims against Robin is tired..

“The disappointment is that I didn’t come out with it. It was leakedThe 30-year-old actress said. Extra Monday, October 4 “It was difficult for me. I really like to control my image and I wrote this book of stories to share the whole story and all its aspects, and I think it turns into a click byte frenzy and suddenly words like ‘Sexual assault’ and ‘accusations’ revolve around people reading the original article.

Emily Ratajkowski: Why did I wait to talk about Robin Theke?

Emily Ratajkowski and Robin Theke. Gregory Pace / Shutterstock Pierre Villiard / Sepa / Shutterstock.

Of Gone girl. The star added, “I’m just waiting for people to hear things in my own words.… What I’m talking about is the evolution of my politics and it’s not a big revelation, it’s someone It’s not a crazy thing, it’s part of a bigger article. I just encourage people to understand and understand it.

Sunday, October 4 Sunday Times of London. Shared a quote From his first book, During which he claimed that 44-year-old Theke pulled him on the set of the 2013 “Blurred Lines” music video.

“Suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt the coolness and strangeness of the stranger’s hands that were biting my bare breasts from behind,” he alleged in the memo. “I walked away naturally, looking at Robin Thaki.” He smiled and stumbled back. His eyes were hidden behind his sunglasses. My head went dark beyond the seat. Turned to

Video director, Diane Martel., Confirming Ratajkowski’s allegations. TimesI shouted in my most aggressive voice, ‘What are you doing, that’s all! The shoot is over !!… Robin apologized embarrassingly. How can that feel?

Of I like very much Starr wrote that she was “anxious to minimize” the seriousness of the situation, adding: “I pushed my chin forward and shrugged, avoiding eye contact, humiliation through my body. I felt the heat of the pump. I didn’t react – not really, as I should have.

On Monday, he shared with her. the people. That she waited to share her story because she was an “unknown model” at the time. If I had spoken or complained, I would not be where I am today. I will not be famous, “he said.

Theke has not responded to the allegations. My body Available on November 9.

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