Why is it hard for Ryan Bingham to play music in Yellowstone?

According to Ryan Bingham, sometimes a song is recommended to him for a stage, and at the last minute he comes up with a better tune for the show. This initial excitement, however, develops into a difficult situation for the musician, as the songs he plays are very personal to him.

“[It] puts me in a vulnerable position…because I have to have a certain amount of trust in the show and what Taylor [Sheridan]writes and all that,” he said in a report about Yellowstone, published on the website YouTube.

He added that playing music can take him back to where he was when he first wrote songs. Interestingly, Bingham also said that Yellowstone and Sheridan gave him exciting freedom, allowing him to help curate the music his character plays on the show. In an interview on official podcast “Yellowstone”the singer revealed that he frequently discusses songs with Sheridan for certain scenes, indicating that his choice will either be approved or denied by the creator.

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