Why It Was So Difficult to Film the ‘Frogger’ Episode of ‘Seinfeld’

Jerry Seinfeld did not want the scene in which George takes Frogger across the street to be conventional. Instead, he wanted it to look like George is in an actual Frogger game. However, it took a lot of time, effort, and creative thinking that went beyond the typical Seinfeld filming process.

“Obviously it was very difficult to produce, but it was also one of those times where you know you can’t compromise at all, because if you don’t do it 100% right, it just won’t look like anything.” what,” the screenwriter said. Gregg Cavet backstage interview.

The yellow tape was pasted over the white lines on the street to make it look more realistic in the game. Then a rehearsal was held with the participation of 30 stuntmen who were driving at the same speed. A camera was then placed on the walkway above the street to follow Jason Alexander as he moved left, right, back and forth through the cars. As for the truck at the end, the accident was very real.

“This truck was going pretty fast and he [Alexander] waited until the very last moment and dived onto the mattress,” Kavet said.

In fact, Alexander said that several pieces of wood flew very close to his head. However, there are no hard feelings for this episode. On the Twitterhe even applauded Lego’s clever recreation of the Frog.

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